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Course Description

Electronic Archives and Records Management Course 
Each institution has a wide range of archives, documents, and records, from purchase receipts through tax documents, official documents, and correspondence, to minutes of meetings and decisions. All these records need to be saved and managed before and after archiving.
Archives, documents, and records must be managed appropriately to suit the needs of institutions and organizations. Although there are basic general concepts in most electronic records management systems.
Each organization is responsible for keeping its records safe and well. The ability to create, organize, and maintain records and archives is an important necessity for success, especially in light of automation, the transition to the era of digital transformation, and the automation of governments. Keeping the right records will not only protect from liability but also increase efficiency and productivity.

The goal of the Electronic Archives and Records Management Course 2024

The course aims to enable trainees to:

• Recognize the fundamental concepts of records, archives, and documents.
• The difference between traditional archiving and electronic archiving
• Learn how to categorize records.
• cloud and ways to take advantage of it.
• Identify and maintain different systems, and review risks, safety, and security.
• Develop an accurate understanding of the importance of records management in the digital age.
Interns will learn about the basic elements of records management software and its different methods.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of the Electronic Archives and Records Management Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
1- Define records and history.
2-Analyze records in context.
3-Classification of records
4-Understand the different systems of electronic and traditional archiving.
5-Record Keeping and Transfer.
6-archiving, document management, and records management.
7-Offline file storage
8-Legal Links to Archiving and Records and their Management.
9-Review records.
10-archiving storage media.
11-Management of memories and electronic preservation media
12-Understand and manage records.
13- Classification, sorting, and management.
14-Paper systems.
15-Electronic Records
16-hybrid systems
17-Risk and Safety Assessment
18-Maintenance of records.


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