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Course Description

Course in Digital Libraries 2024
Employees working in libraries or administrators who manage departments that include libraries need a broad understanding of information processing, an understanding of the power of technology in the delivery of information services, as well as the specialized handling skills of digital libraries, computing, and their management systems.
With the rapid advancement of digital life and the emergence of new technologies, library staff needs to develop their potential, upgrade their work to keep pace with these technologies and gain a broader understanding of the digital process in the library space.
Many organizations need to manage an increasingly complex set of printed and digital content, including digitally generated, free, licensed, registered, or rights-holder, to make them accessible, manageable, and achieve the organization's goals, especially as digital libraries have become an essential part of the information landscape, part of social media for user-generated content, big data generated by ubiquitous Internet use, and open science initiatives.

The goal of the Digital Libraries Course 2024

The course aims to broaden the trainees' perceptions in the field of digital libraries, enhance their roles, and raise the ceiling of competition by achieving the following objectives:
• Develop an understanding of the social and intellectual roles of digital libraries.
• Identify the importance of digital libraries in various fields.
• Identify the components of digital libraries
• Provide a practical opportunity for learners to deal with sophisticated digital libraries.
• Prepare for the next stage in the field of digitization of advanced libraries.
• Acquire the skill of managing teams and employees in libraries.
• Acquire the skill of dealing with technical matters in digital libraries with high efficiency.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop

Topics of Digital Libraries Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
1. Management of Library and Information Services
2. Digital Information Systems.
3. Informatics knowledge.
4. Libraries and their role in community service
5. Services of public and private libraries and educational libraries
6. Academic Libraries
7. Knowledge Services
8. Digital Library Management.
9. Search digital libraries.
10. electronic archiving.
11. Information Governance and Ethics
12. Digital Invitations
13. Business Intelligence
14. Designing Databases in Digital Libraries
15. User Interface and Logs.
16. Manage archives and records.
with a lot of rich details according to the course, the intern, and the institution in which he works.


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