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Course Description

Electronic Data Handling Skills Course 2024 
The research centre is the cornerstone of many decision-making centres because you can predict what can happen in any field based on the statistics and data collected in that area. Dealing with electronic data is therefore fundamental to better transforming the future.

The world produces about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day, according to IBM, which means the world abounds in data, statistics, and numbers more than anything else on Earth. Anyone who can read and analyze this data will have the ability to read the future and the changes that will take place in the world.
Institutions, ministries, and organizations have a lot of electronic devices, including computers that deal with quantitative data reading and analysis, so how can employees deal efficiently with this data?
The data does not stop at the boundaries of tables and names but includes complete employee data, business, expense, and marketing data, vital data, social media data, and statistical data, and may include climate data, biomedical data, exploration, learning, and others.
The Electronic Data Handling Skill Course 2024 offers the best means to deal in a professional, easy, and smart way with the millions of records in different organizations.

The goal of the Electronic Data Handling Skills Course 2024

The course, offered by specialists in the field, aims to:
• Provide trainees with the technical and practical skills of big data analysis, which are key to success in corporate business, digital media, science, and transformation for the future.
• Keep up with the speed produced by electronic devices and store them in memory so that dealing with data in the institution becomes easier.
• Possess the experience of using the right tools according to the appropriate data.
• issuing professional periodic reports, depending on the available data.
• Possess the skill of mining the data you want to access easily.
• have the ability to analyze social media trends.
• Make future projections based on available data.

Activities and Training Methods 

• Training lectures
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop

Topics of the Electronic Data Handling Skills Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
1. technical programs that handle data.
2. Simplify the mathematical foundations of statistics.
3. Data Mining Methods:
4. Machine learning and its applications
5. Get to know realistic practical data.
6. Simplifying data science
7. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
8. Data visualization and extraction
9. Develop an understanding of reading the behaviour followed by consumers (users, customers, reviewers, audience...).
10. The Four Foundations for Predicting the Future According to Available Data
11. Issuance of quick reports for data analysis
12. Issuance of Extended Final Reports for Data Analysis
13. Display data in an easy and legible way.
14. Data Team Administration With a lot of data and information, that is a revolution in the field of correct handling of statistical data, which will be provided to trainees according to their needs.


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