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Course Description

Artificial Intelligence Course in the Digital Age 2024
Artificial intelligence is rapidly emerging as the most transformative technology of our time. It is one of the biggest challenges for organizations seeking to transform in the digital age.
Recent developments, especially in machine learning, have led to the ability of the computer to improve its performance without human intervention, with the rapid spread of new applications that have changed the labour laws of many institutions, ministries, and companies in almost all industries.
Artificial intelligence can help accomplish many professional, functional, and business activities can be accomplished more accurately and in a fraction of the time compared to what it takes humans to do the same.
Artificial intelligence also provides an alternative to human judgment because it can predict a lot of data based on available data, including data that cannot be detected by humans in what artificial intelligence can do.

The aim of this course:

Recent studies confirm that the effects of artificial intelligence will rise significantly in the next decade, as industries transform their core processes and business models to take advantage of AI capabilities.
It is important to make this course available to employees, administrators, and leaders to learn about what can be done in the new era and to understand the enormous opportunities that AI can offer to organizations, ministries, industries, and technology in the next ten years.
They need to consider what is possible now, what will be possible, and what other industries are doing that can translate into their business to give them a competitive advantage.

The Objective of the Artificial Intelligence Course in the Digital Age 2024

This course is designed by the London Academy of Media and Public Relations to give employees and managers a sufficient understanding of AI concepts in the work of ministries and institutions so that they can appreciate what can and cannot be done for their organization.
The program also provides practical models to guide how you work with data scientists and programmers in your organization to make the most of these emerging technologies. In addition, the program also features practical sessions where it will be presented on how to carry out analysis and measurement and how to analyze the results produced by data scientists.
Artificial intelligence for business is delivered over a rich five-day period by competent trainers, who offer all the useful possibilities in the field of AI-based technologies in many areas such as marketing, finance, enterprise design, media, commerce, functional, administrative, technical, and other work.

Activities and Training Methods

  • practical applications
  • Panel Discussions
  • Training lecture

Topics of the Artificial Intelligence Course in the Digital Age 2024

The course includes the following content:
• Concepts of artificial intelligence, history, forms, and the future
• Demystify artificial intelligence.
• Artificial intelligence terminology concepts
• Machine Learning Concepts
• How to apply artificial intelligence in different businesses
• Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Functional Areas
• How to collaborate between AI specialists and data scientists
• Learn how to work with data.
• When not to rely on artificial intelligence?
• Understand the limits and risks of blindly relying on algorithms.
• How institutions and ministries work in the field of artificial intelligence


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