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Course Description

Digital Media Technology Course 2024 
New forms of digital media technologies are constantly emerging, affecting all aspects of our lives, and changing the way institutions, ministries, and organizations work, and this impact is often rapid and unexpected.
This applies to the ever-changing forms of mobile communications, from web technologies, applications, and social networking sites to reality which has in many ways been transformed into virtual reality and augmented reality.
Modern technologies offer new ways of interacting with each other on the one hand, and between media institutions and the public on the other, including in many aspects: administrative, organizational, practical, technical, financial, and others.
The creation and management of this complex digital media environment require competent personnel who can absorb, manage, utilize, and work with modern technologies. As required by the interest of work and the achievement of the objectives of various institutions.
All of this requires an advanced understanding of digital media technology, the interactions it creates in organizations, and the changes expected based on these new technologies.

The goal of the Digital Media Technology Course 2024

• How to identify modern technologies as soon as they are released into the market.
• The skill of identifying digital media technology that is influential and effective in society before it spreads
• Learn how to anticipate the changes these new technologies and media will bring about.
• Identify the best ways to manage digital media technology and interact with it positively.
• Acquire the skill of organizing and arranging modern media.
• Learn about the latest technological tools capable of taking advantage of modern media.
• Obtain a clear methodology to improve work performance according to modern digital technologies.
• Acquire the skills to achieve multidepartmental commitment to the modern digital media strategy.
• Skilled in the graphical and visual analysis of modern digital media.
• How to create value for institutions and society using modern digital media.
• Identify real-life examples of digital media and the ways successful organizations deal with them.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop

Topics of the Digital Media Technology Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
1. Simplifying the concepts of digital media technology
2. Modern Trends in Media Digitization
3. Digital Media Technology Evaluation Criteria
4. recognition of the evolution of digital media technology.
5. Digital media and its role in media work
6. Digital Media in Visual, Print, and Electronic Media.
7. Digital Media Technology Assessment Tools
8. Positive interaction with modern technology.
9. monitoring, anticipating, and changing performance according to modern digital media technology.
10. Technical team management skills in different organizations
11. skills for employing digital media in achieving the objectives of different institutions.
12. Utilize modern media to enhance the work of pre-existing media.
13. Competition and integration between different digital media.
14. action plans according to modern media.
with a lot of different details according to the course, intern, and institution.


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