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Course Description

Augmented Reality Technology Applications Course 2024 
Augmented reality technology is one of the most modern technologies that has dazzled the world with its ability to create a three-dimensional visual reality in which moving bodies can be seen, interacted with, and dealt with uniquely.
Many giant companies, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and others, are investing billions in this modern technology, which is a real revolution in the field of technologies of the new century.

Augmented reality technology has been leveraged in many fields, including gaming, engineering, simulation, education, and media, as well as many diverse fields.
Perhaps the Arab media experiences give simple examples of what can be created with this technology in the media, so the London Media Academy offers this very special course, to facilitate the understanding of augmented reality technology for employees, enrich knowledge, and support efforts to benefit from this technology in many areas.

The goal of the Augmented Reality Technology Applications Course 2024

The course, offered by specialists in the field, aims to:
• Provide trainees with sufficient experience to learn about augmented reality technologies first-hand.
• Support trainees to deal with augmented reality technologies in the field of media and other functional fields.
• Simplify the concepts of three-dimensional shapes and interact with them.
• Support institutional efforts to apply augmented reality technologies to them.
• Provide a broad opportunity to review ideas in the field of application of augmented reality technology in organizations.
• Provide the technical, cognitive, and intellectual environment to deal with augmented reality technologies.
• Provide trainees with the skill of dealing with the tools and devices of augmented reality technology.
• Provide trainees with the skill of managing teams working in the field of augmented reality technologies.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop

Topics of Augmented Reality Technology Applications Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
1. Web and Graphical Three-Dimensional Technology Evolution
2. Learn about virtual reality technology.
3. Introduction to Augmented Reality Technology
4. The Emergence and Evolution of Augmented Reality Technology
5. Modern applications of augmented reality technology
6. applications in the field of media for augmented reality technology.
7. Requirements for the application of augmented reality technology.
8. Managing teams in the field of augmented reality technology
9. Applied examples of augmented reality technology in the field of television, print, and electronic media
10. The pros and cons of applying augmented reality technology to different organizations

with a lot of rich details according to the course, the intern, and the institution in which he works.


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