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Course Description

Advanced Electronic Archiving Course 2024
In a world crowded with knowledge and information as well as the challenges facing the world of informatics in terms of organizing, classifying, and documenting information in various vessels and facilitating mechanisms to access it promptly, and in a world where modern technologies are taking amazing and rapid steps to help individuals and institutions manage information,

Objectives in the Advanced Electronic Archiving Course

The course allows employees in the field of electronic archiving to obtain the latest standards of archiving, to see new programs, and develop skills to deal with electronic documents, in addition to:
• The General System of Electronic Archiving
• Electronic Archive Creation Tools
• Stages of electronic archive creation
• Conditions of archiving programs
• Indexing without archiving
• Files included in electronic archiving
• See the best archiving programs, and deal with them.
• methods of dealing with databases to improve archiving systems.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Field visits

Outcomes of the Advanced Electronic Archiving Course 2024

• Enable participants to know the concept of advanced electronic archiving and how to benefit from the technological transformation in keeping files electronically and keeping the documents of institutions, ministries, and bodies.
• Show participants how to save and index documents using advanced electronic archiving.
• Identify ways to optimize the preservation of information from damage and maintain its confidentiality.
• Learn about the latest technology programs in electronic archiving.
Topics of the Advanced Electronic Archiving Course 2024
The course includes the following content:
• Basic concepts of electronic archiving, saving, and retrieving documents and files electronically are presented.
• Specifications of Electronic Archiving Systems, Advanced Electronic Archiving
• Tools and techniques used in archiving documents electronically
• Security and protection of electronic documents
• Sorting electronic documents
• Retrieval of electronic documents.
• destruction of electronic documents.
• building a documentation and indexing system electronically.
• Electronic Document Management System.
• A practical workshop to prepare for the construction of archives through modern programs.


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