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Course Description

The Modern Electronic Archiving Course 2024 provides all of the information required by employees involved with electronic archiving in relevant ministries, institutions, and bodies, such as administrators in archiving departments, technicians, and others, as the course provides the basics in electronic archiving concepts, deep knowledge of modern technologies, advanced devices, archiving management, library management, document management, and others.
With the transformation of ministries and institutions into the digital age and the emergence of e-governments, it has become necessary to shift to electronic archiving because of its ability to facilitate business, save documents, and also ease of storage and retrieval, as well as its ability to become part of digitization in e-governments, facilitate the digitization of business, and connect institutions and ministries with each other easily.

The Objective of the Modern Electronic Archiving Course

The course aims to provide basic information as well as a deep and comprehensive understanding of electronic archiving processes, from technical matters to the management of electronic archiving departments. These objectives include:
• Provide the necessary knowledge about electronic archiving.
• Linking knowledge to practical applications
• Learn about electronic archiving software.
• How to switch from traditional and paper archiving to electronic archiving.
• Storage, preservation, and retrieval methods
• Know the details of electronic connectivity with e-governments.
• Learn about ways to manage electronic archiving departments and their employees.
• identify vulnerabilities in electronic archiving and ways to save and secure them.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of the Modern Electronic Archiving Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
• Electronic Records Management Overview
• Practical training for those responsible for the management of electronic records.
• Records Management in Organized Business Systems
• Manage the lifecycles of records, including the creation of records and templates.
• Electronic Archive Management.
• file formats and storage media.
• Electronic Record-Keeping Tools
• Dealing with electronic archiving through e-mail
• electronic signatures
• Digital Conservation Strategies
• Archive Solutions.
• Archive quality control and debugging.
• Archival Business Management.
• management of electronic archiving departments.
• dealing with electronic archiving staff through action plans, goals, and schedules.


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