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Course Description

Electronic Tools Course for Media Professionals 2024 
The pace of technological development is accelerating in the world, including in the media field, where modern technical tools are constantly emerging those benefit journalists in their work, whether those related to the profession itself, in the field of accessibility and permeability or the field of the final output of work.
In this state-of-the-art course of the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, our trainers offer the latest and most useful electronic tools for journalists and media professionals, depending on specialization and field, while explaining and simplifying the methods of optimal use and conducting practical experiments on these applications, programs, and tools.
Traditional tools can't be relied upon consistently, as advanced technologies, including mobile apps, have become an essential part of the competition.

The objective of the Electronic Tools Course for Media Professionals

This course is designed to provide the best technical support to journalists and media professionals through:
• Provide a complete list of useful modern technical tools in the field of media and journalism.
• Give students extensive hands-on experience with these techniques and tools.
• Give media professionals and journalists an adequate understanding of the technical challenges in their field.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Workshop

Topics of the Electronic Tools Course for Media Professionals 2024

The course includes the following content:

1-Basic concepts of media and media work
2-Basic concepts of technology
3-Techniques related to media and technical work
4-Technical tools of media professionals via mobile
5-Technical tools of media professionals via computers and laptops
6-Technical tools of media professionals through social platforms
7-Media Work through Technologies
8-Convert images to text in a professional way and without errors.
9-Convert audio to text in a professional way
10-Electronic reports and how to implement them through professional media
in addition to a long list of materials, applications, and electronic tools that make media work fun and professional.


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