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Course Description

Viral Marketing Course and Preparation of a Contagious Marketing Plan
How do some ideas and topics spread surprisingly among people? How do some people become celebrities in a very short period? How do some brands become so famous that no one can forget them? While a lot of ideas, topics, people, and even brands have had their share of failure and lack of fame.

The secret lies in "viral marketing", in which everyone becomes part of the marketing process, even competitors and neutral people.
The majority of institutions, ministries, and organizations need to understand the meaning of viral marketing, recognize its potential, and also learn how to benefit from it in marketing their ideas, spreading their ideology, and creating a positive image of themselves and their services.
There are a lot of practical applications and creative ideas for creating viral mass marketing, which can overnight affect the success of institutions, companies, and organizations and may become the most important soldiers that institutions have in marketing for themselves and spreading their services and ideas.

The General Objectives of the Viral Marketing Course and the Preparation of a Contagious Marketing Plan

Build In this course, you will learn how to make your ideas or those of your organization firm and firm in mind; how to strengthen your or your organization's influence in the media and social media circles, and how to generate a lot of oral talk about you or your organization; and how to make social networks work for you instead of you working for them. Therefore, the course aims to :
• Enable the trainee to understand the meaning of viral marketing and practice it.
• Understand the power inherent in neutral people and how they can be transformed into a force for the organization.
• Learn about the strengths of social networks and how they can work for us.
• Identify successful strategies to create a successful marketing virus.
• Identify the best solutions to build a solid marketing plan for ideas and services.
• How to efficiently engage social media in marketing campaigns.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels
• Workshop.

Topics of the Viral Marketing Course and Preparation of a Contagious Marketing Plan 2024

1. Viral marketing: its concept, characteristics, and how to apply it.
2. Successful ideas and services and their marketing methods.
3. Infectious thoughts and behaviors which are imitated by others.successful models of viral marketing.
4. The six success factors in making ideas negotiable among people
5. factors of turning ideas, services, and information into sticky information in our minds.
6. How to make ideas memorable.
7. ideas for catching and marketing
8. Building Credibility.
9. Building Surprise
10. Emotions, how to move them, and how to direct them in the right direction.
11. Compatibility or Difference.
12. Test the theories and practices of social persuasion.
13. The power of social influence
14. The power of the word
15. image strength
16. The Power of Videos
17. Social media and the behavior of their users
18. How does the user feel that he is the real target of the service?
19. Practical exercises
20. Building successful marketing plans based on viral marketing
21. Test and measure the plan before its implementation
In addition, a set of inspirational ideas and interesting topics will be reviewed in the viral marketing course, and the preparation of a contagious marketing plan for 2024 according to the need of the trainee and his ultimate goal.


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