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Course Description

Advanced Viral Marketing Course 2024 is considered as one of the most important courses related to making an effective impact through simple actions, it can be a big inspiration to others, pushing them to be unintentionally responsible for your marketing campaign, so that everyone receives advertisements and become a potential marketing platform.

Many products succeeded by using Viral Marketing, and they transformed into a brand within a short period. This also applies to some people, institutions or projects, which turn into successful and famous projects within a short period. All of this is because of Viral Marketing, which starts from a successful idea and it soon becomes the talk of the people.

Nowadays, Viral Marketing has become a very effective part of the marketing campaign, and this process is still not spread in a serious scientific and technical manner in many Arabian countries. However, it is presented with high levels of professionalism at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, within the British courses.

The majority of institutions, ministries and organizations need to understand the meaning of Viral Marketing, learn about its capabilities and how to use it in marketing their ideas, spreading their ideology and creating a positive image of themselves and their services.

There are a lot of practical and creative ideas that created comprehensive Viral Marketing, it can affect the success of institutions, ministries and organizations overnight, and it can become the most important pawn institutions have in marketing for themselves and spreading their services and ideas.

Advanced Viral Marketing Course 2024 goals:

In this course, you will learn the art of making your organization’s or your ideas fixed and rooted in people’s minds, how to strengthen your organization’s or your influence in the press and social media circles, how to generate a lot of words of speech about you or your organization, and how to make social networks work for you rather than the opposite. Therefore, the course aims to:
• Enabling the trainee to understand the definition of viral marketing, and to practice it
• Understanding the power of “neutral people” and how they can be turned into a strength of the organization
• Identifying the strengths of social networks and how to make them work for us
• Identifying successful strategies for creating a successful Marketing Virus
• Identifying the best solutions to build a tight marketing plan for ideas and services
• How to involve social media in marketing campaigns efficiently

Activities and training methods for the course:

- Training Lecture
- Practical Applications and Examples
- Panel Discussion
- Workshop

Advanced Viral Marketing Course 2024 Contents:

1. An overview of viral marketing. Its concept, characteristics and how to apply it.
2. Successful ideas and services and the marketing methods for them.
3. Contagious thoughts and behaviours that others imitate.
4. Successful models of Viral Marketing.
5. The six success factors in making ideas spreadable between people.
6. Factors that transform ideas, services and information into information that stick to the brain.
7. How to make ideas unforgettable.
8. Catching ideas and marketing them.
9. Building credibility.
10. Building astonishment.
11. How to move and direct emotions in the right way.
12. Compatibility or difference.
13. Testing theories and practices of social persuasion.
14. The power of social influencing.
15. The power of the word.
16. The power of the image.
17. The power of videos.
18. Social media and its user's behaviour.
19. How does the user feel that he is the target of the service?
20. Practical exercises.
21. Building successful marketing plans based on Viral Marketing
22. Testing and measuring the plan before implementing it
23. The correct practical and technical methods to implement Viral Marketing projects
24. Advanced Viral Marketing methods
25. The latest research and marketing projects implemented by Viral Marketing.

In addition to a set of inspirational ideas and interesting topics that will be presented in the Advanced Viral Marketing Course 2024 according to the trainee's need and ultimate goal.


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