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Course Description

Through government institutions and ministries and affiliated organizations, governments provide many services and projects that benefit citizens, and harness a lot of human potential, while paying high financial costs. However, many of these projects and services do not reach citizens properly, and may falter when presented to the public, and some may find loopholes and mistakes, so these services appear in a non-positive way, with which administrations collapse, and many public funds are wasted in them.

The key that can spare any ministry or government institution from experiencing a scenario of this kind, is the successful marketing dedicated to government projects and services.
of course, not any marketing Will be appropriate for such projects and services, as each service, project, and ministry has success specifications that may differ from others.
The London Academy of Media and Public Relations offers through the Marketing of Government Projects and Services course professionally one of the most in-depth and quality courses.
Objectives of the Professional Projects and Government Services Marketing Course 2024
The Marketing of Government Projects and Services course deals with simplifying the concepts of campaigns in theory and enabling the trainee to implement the largest and most complex marketing campaigns in a professional manner commensurate with the high-level competition that has become present in the market.

The course aims to enable trainees to learn the basics of successful marketing of government projects and services in parallel with the importance of each project and in proportion to its vocabulary, characteristics and size.

The course also aims to:

 Inform trainees about a number of successful marketing projects during 2024
 Illustrate the differences between successful marketing and unsuccessful marketing, with examples and models
 Provide a comprehensive vision of the art of marketing, its origins, controls, elements, and the latest global methods.
 Truly identify the marketing of government projects and services and ways to manage them.
 Identify the sources of strength of each media outlet, learn about marketing tools, and practice using the best method according to the project or service.

Professional Marketing for Government Projects and Services Course

The course includes many activities and methods that suit each project, including:
 Training lecture
 Practical applications
 Panel Discussions
 Workshop

Professional Marketing for Government Projects and Services Course

After completing the marketing course of government projects and services in London, the trainee will receive the tools, understanding and ability to implement campaigns professionally that also suit the aspirations of government agencies, departments, public institutions and ministries to implement, manage and supervise campaigns in an ideal manner.
1. Introduction to the Science of Marketing
2. Introduction to the Science of Marketing Management
3. Recognition of modern marketing theories
4. Models of modern marketing plans
5. Analyze successful marketing plans, and failed ones, to identify failures and successes
6. Marketing in Social Media
7. Marketing across various media
8. Extensive marketing campaigns
9. Preparing for huge marketing campaigns
10. Campaign Management

11. Managing teams in marketing campaigns
12. Building Reputation
13. Anticipate and prepare for reactions
14. How to read Marketing plans before they are implemented, and how to change them in time
15. Dealing with local and international marketing companies
16. Dealing with advertising companies in various fields
17. Possess the skill of detecting fake campaigns, fake campaignsOverview of marketing, its concept, characteristics and how to apply it
18. Projects and government services, and their marketing methods.
19. Infectious thoughts and behaviours imitated by others.
20. Successful models for marketing government services.
21. The ten success factors for each advertising and marketing plan specific to governments.
22. Factors of transforming ideas, services and information into part of a successful marketing plan.
23. How can marketing be made a creative sign?
24. Social Power of Influence
25. Word Power
26. Image Power
27. The Power of Videos
28. Building successful marketing plans based on viral marketing
29. Test and measure the plan before it is implemented
30. Correct practical and technical methods for the implementation of government marketing projects
31. Advanced Methods of Government Marketing
In addition to a set of inspirational ideas and interesting topics that will be reviewed in the London Project and Government Services Marketing Course according to the trainee's need and ultimate goal.


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