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Course Description

Strategic marketing course via social media 2024.

There is no longer any escape from using social media platforms in ministries, institutions, governmental agencies, private companies, and others, even on a personal level, these platforms are the most common ways to reach your voice (opinion).
Whatever the position you work in, in ministries and different institutions, dealing with social media platforms has become important to the success of your work (business).
So, understanding social media has become very important (critical) for those who are responsible for products, ideas, those who deal with digital environments, or those who work in the field of media, public relations, or others.
Social media technologies (algorithms) are continuously changing the ways in which users (consumers) interact with each other, and their interaction ways with different institutions, ministries, and companies.
These changes are considered an essential move in the market, where consumers have greater chances to express their opinions and communicate with their peers and increase influence (effect) on marketers and brands.

Objectives of the Strategic marketing course via social media 2024

In this course, which is considered a main part of the marketing programs via digital platforms, the trainee will learn :
- Identifying social media, its features (advantages), and when to use it.
- Identifying the audience and the effective marketing concepts.
- How to support the efforts of his organization or ministry and achieve its goals by getting benefits from the abilities of social media in marketing, publicity, and advertising.
- increasing the efficiency of the audience with the institution.
- Giving the institution or the ministry positive and effective evaluations (reviews) on these sites.
- Having the skill of dealing with social media sites professionally.
- learning marketing skills effectively on social media sites.
- How to build long-term strategic plans to achieve the greatest impact (effect) in social media.
- Using effective conversations (chats) within social media.
- How to take the right decision according to the interaction of the audience with the institutions’ accounts
- How to benefit from social media to promote their products, services, and brands.

Activities and training methods for the course

- Practical application
- Workshops
- Training lecture
- Discussions

Contents of the Strategic marketing course via social media 2024

The course contains a large number of details that suit each employee, his institution, and his position, and generally, the course contains :
- Introduction to social media, its history, and development.
- Identifying each means of social media in a detailed and in-depth way (manner).
- Advertising, its main (basic) concepts, and its ways to affect the public.
- The public, and its effect on public opinion.
- Public opinion and the opposite public opinion.
- Introduction to digital marketing.
- Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing according to the method used.
- Drawing strategic plans for digital marketing.
- Developing digital marketing approaches through social media.
- Measuring reaction and effectiveness, and modifying plans to achieve maximum benefit.
- How to develop and present content that attracts consumers integrated with marketing strategies.
- How to measure (evaluate) the effectiveness of social efforts.
- How to use social media to listen to consumers, observe their behaviour, and engage them in products and services.
- Managing social media platforms effectively.
- Concepts of complex and simple networks.
- Flowing of information and data, and ways to deal with them.
- How to create effective and influential content to attract attention and interaction.
- Images, their effect and ways to use them.
- Quotes and their impact on social media.
- Video, how to build and market it.
- How to discuss important issues on social media.
- How to deal with negative feedback, disgruntled customers, negative comments, and others.
- Social media marketing ethics. As well as a large number of interesting and useful content within the strategic marketing course via social media 2024.


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