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Course Description

Marketing and Advertising Course in Investment Areas 
Investment zones are more dynamic for dealing with new media, marketing, and advertising, away from the monotony of other government institutions that may be characterized by administrative sagging.

The importance of new media, marketing, and advertising in the investment areas stems from the fact that they keep pace with the times and technological development, as these areas are the fertile environment for new and expected investments and an environment supportive of the national economy.
So how can you be a suitable employee in this environment?
The New Media, Marketing, and Advertising courses in London's investment areas provide you with an overview of modern media and marketing work, address the best methods of effective communication and influencer marketing, and inform you of pioneering and successful models.

The Topics of the Course :

It explains to you the most effective marketing models for various investment areas, including the main channels:

• sufficient copies of Internet sites.
• social media sites via applications such as WhatsApp.
• The YouTube Channels
• newspapers and magazines.
• television and radio.
• Various flyers and publications
With this important and useful course, you will be able to deal with various means of advertising, marketing, and new media, and you will be able to evaluate the performance of others and support and supervise them more easily.

Methods and tools:

The course includes many activities and methods that suit each project, including:
- Training lecture
- Practical applications
- Panel Discussions
- Workshop


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  • Coffee breaks.
  • Study materials.
  • Farewell open buffet.
  • London tours, Buses & boats.
  • Hotel-to-airport transfer.

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