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Course Description

Instagram Marketing Course 2024 
Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the Internet, and its users are more engaged and receptive to promotions than the Facebook audience.
The question that concerns many institutions, ministries, and even specific events is how to prove the existence of my name via Instagram and how to increase awareness of the service or brand in this electronic social medium.

In fact on Instagram ,we can be easily post more easily than other social media, can reach large and diverse segments, even accurately targeted, and can create great awareness of the brand or service. It can also create customers and loyalty for customers through Instagram. All you have to do is know the characteristics of this social medium, get acquainted with the vocabulary of its influence, the audience, the mechanisms of its spread, and how to create an opportunity for viral marketing and develop specific tactics for the brand or service.

This course answers all the questions mentioned above, and shows you how to use the latest practices and strategies to form an audience around content, service, or branding, all of which will be discovered through practical practices in the course, a review of current and past case studies, discussions on best practices, and personal feedback from the instructor.

The general objectives of the Instagram Marketing Course 2024

The course aims to enable participants to recognize:

• Enable the trainee to have a broader understanding of social media, especially Instagram.
• Get a closer look at advertising and marketing campaigns via Instagram
• Identify how to reach the target audience through specific mechanisms.
• Practice creating creative ideas in Instagram marketing.
• Choosing the mechanisms that influence Instagram marketing by understanding the service and the target audience.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels
• Workshop.

Topics of the Instagram Marketing Course 2024

• Integrated information about Instagram and its primary and secondary services.
• Identify the audience, followers, interaction, target group, and others.
• Identify the details of the marketing and advertising content.
• Using sound, colors, filters, and organization in creating the right content .
• Instagram stories, hashtags, emojis, captions, and trademarks.
• Publish and schedule deployment with a list of the best publishing times, iteration times, and applications.
• Effective use of Instagram content studies
• Measure the return on investment via Instagram.
• using ads via Instagram.
• Creating Instagram marketing strategies
• Identify your audiences and followers and how to reach them.
• Identify and implement attractive strategies for content creation and Instagram marketing.
• Schedule content effectively.
• Using the five strategies to gain new followers and gain their loyalty.
• promote services or brands through bloggers and influencers.
• Measuring Participation and Return on Investment
• Learn about Instagram for Business and Brands.

In addition to a set of inspirational ideas and interesting topics which will be reviewed in the Instagram Marketing Course 2024 according to the trainee's need and ultimate goal.


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