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Course Description

Effective Customer Loyalty Building Course 
It is inconceivable that service is more beautiful than customers who give it full confidence and owe loyalty to it, but this is very difficult. The difficulty of this can be seen by looking at the free services provided by some ministries and institutions, yet we find that loyalty to it and full trust by customers is very low. Why?
Did you know that getting new customers costs you five times the amount of money you spend on retaining existing customers? And did you know that existing customers are 50% more likely to try yourr new product, and they are 31% more willing to spend than new customers?

Customer loyalty is to attract the right customers, get them to give full trust to the organization or ministry, and then they themselves will help attracting more customers. In short, you build customer loyalty by treating people the way they want to be treated.

Building loyalty is a marketing art in itself. It cannot be easy or arbitrary. It is a study of data, experiences, applications, and plans. If you want to create and build customer loyalty for you, your organization, or your ministry, then the effective customer loyalty building cycle 2024 is the most appropriate in this area.

The general objectives of the Effective Customer Loyalty Building Course

The trainee will receive a lot of useful information and will learn about successful and modern plans and models in the field of customer loyalty, in order to achieve the objectives of the course, which are:
• Building a real understanding of customer loyalty concepts according to modern rules
• Identify the structure of institutions and customers and the links between them.
• Possess the skill of building the right plans for customer loyalty.
• Identify successful modern models to build customer loyalty and analyze performance to identify strengths and weaknesses.
• How to read and analyze marketing plans before implementing them, and how to detect errors in them.
• Identify the positive and negative factors in each customer loyalty building plan.
• Learn how to lead teams in the field of customer service.
• Understand the target audience, and adapt the plans accordingly to that audience.
• Internal marketing work for customer service
• You should have the ability to create, lead, and manage large marketing campaigns.
• How to provide quality services to secure as much customer loyalty as possible.
• In addition to other goals determined according to the trainee and his needs, in which the trainers provide all their expertise in order to achieve those goals

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels
• Workshop.

Topics of Effective Customer Loyalty Building Course

The course includes many important vocabulary and ideas, practical models, and extensive explanations, including
1. definition and importance of loyalty.
2. Identify the concept of customers, their characteristics, influences on them, their orientations and patterns.
3. Existing customers and new customers
4. Structuring service programs in the field of customer service
5. Loyalty, marketing, and evaluation models
6. Loyalty programs and how to build them
7. Realistic case studies of loyalty
8. Loyalty Retention Programs
9. customer service programs, evaluation, and change according to loyalty.
10. Models of loyalty programs from major international companies
11. Loyalty and its opposite
12. Reward System
13. Measuring customer retention rates
14. Dealing with employees working in the field of customer service
15. Customer Service and Loyalty Team Management.
in addition to a set of inspirational ideas and interesting topics that will be reviewed in the effective customer loyalty building course 2024 according to the trainee's needs and ultimate goal.


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