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Course Description

Digital Marketing Strategy Program Course 
The course of the leading digital marketing strategy program is now offered via London Academy of Media and Public Relations, over 5 days by digital marketing specialists and across the Academy's centers in over 40 locations in London. The course can also be provided online.

The importance of the Course

Successful marketing is built on the basis of creating high value in a digital world, which is achieved by the Leading Digital Marketing Strategy Program course, where participants learn through this course how companies can tackle digital transformation and drive innovative marketing strategies by focusing on customers.
Interactive sessions, successful model studies, practical exercises, and workshops explore the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation within organizations, companies, and ministries and aim to help managers from different positions make better business decisions for future growth.

The general objectives of the Digital Marketing Strategy Program Course

This course aims to provide a clear and correct picture of how digital tools and trends are invading the business environment, leading to significant changes in the way we communicate, consume, work, buy, and sell. In many cases, these trends are causing profound disruption to industries and changing the way companies do business.
The course will help you rethink the customer journey, build positive and relevant experiences across all channels and touchpoints, and ultimately create valuable and competitive advantages for your company.
At the end of the program, you'll also understand the key enablers needed to transform your company into a more flexible, customer-centric digital organization.

Topics of the Digital Marketing Strategy Program Course

• Understand current trends: Learn about major digital trends and best practices, as well as the profound impact you'll have on your industry.
• How to harness the power of digitalization: enhance processes through digitization to promote brand creation or brand building in the digital world.
• Creating a successful content strategy: By developing a content-based digital strategy that enables stronger customer engagement and creates outstanding customer experiences.
• Learn about customer needs: Understand the new rules of competition as well as today's customers and their evolving needs and expectations.
• Learn how to leverage data and how to measure the success of digital marketing in terms of brand awareness, engagement, and return on investment.
• Leveraging key enablers: Understand the key enablers that allow for the shift toward a customer-centric digital organization, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.
• Leading change in an organization: Get insight and appreciation for the design of a digital marketing organization, including the roles, structures, and movements required to drive effective change.

Activities and Training Methods 

The course includes many activities and methods that suit each project, including:
• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop


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