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Course Description

Planning and implementing public relations course. The public relations departments are entrusted with providing many programs and activities annually, which requires placing them within a tight plan subject to planning based on the general policy of the institution and according to the available data from financial and human resources.
The importance of public relations programs lies in the continuous work to develop and improve the continuous communication between the institution and the public or the client. Therefore, these programs must be built on objective goals, based on ethical values, and serving the community.

The general objective of the course of preparing public relations programs from planning to implementation
The course aims to shed light on how to develop a general public relations plan to launch programs and campaigns that serve the policy of the institution, starting with the idea, through planning, and ending with implementation.

Detailed objectives of the course of preparing public relations programs from planning to implementation:

Familiarize yourself with the general concepts and basic rules of public relations
The role of the public relations programs in showing the institutional image.
Methods of dealing with sudden events.
Planning and implementation skills according to the available human and financial resources.
Identify the obstacles that prevent public relations programs from achieving their goals

Activities and training methods for the course of preparing public relations programs from planning to implementation

training lecture
Practical applications
Field visits

The contents of the course

Defining general concepts related to public relations
How to plan public relations programs and activities
Formulating the objectives of the plan and the main messages thereof
Situational Analysis: “SWOT” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Types of the target audience
Timeframe and deadlines
- Investing funds in accordance with the established budget
Methods of distributing tasks according to the available staff
Steps to implement programs and implement them on the ground
Measuring the effectiveness of public relations programs

Outputs of the Planning and implementing public relations course

Develop the ability to plan, organize and make decisions
Ability to manage resources to implement plans
Working against the clock


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