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Course Description

Integrated Systems for public relations course gives a comprehensive understanding of the real impact of public relations in companies.

This is due to the increasing need for public relations activities in most organizations, institutions and ministries, as they are no longer part of the administrative departments, but rather have become an existing department in itself, because of their increasing importance and role in today's world.
The role of public relations has increased due to the challenges and changes facing institutions and companies in today's world, which necessitated the need to build and strengthen the name of the institution or organization and to create a positive golden image in the eyes of its audience and in the media.

What is the new?

Technological changes have also affected the type and form of tools used by public relations, which can be used and harnessed in their relations with internal and external audiences, which calls for activating the effective use of modern technology from the Internet, intranet, applications and technical solutions in order to supplement the tasks of public relations departments and work.
It is not limited to departments, but the employee or administrator in the public relations department has to keep pace with the development taking place and seeks to increase the acquisition of the skills necessary to activate his work and his ability to use technologies as a means to deliver his message and accomplish his work.
Hence, it was necessary to get acquainted with the integrated systems of public relations, which aim to provide participants with a full understanding of the work of the integrated system of public relations and provide them with the skills that help them to adapt and use modern technologies in the field of activating the role of public relations, at the individual and institutional levels.

Objectives of Integrated Systems for Public Relations Course 2024

The Integrated Systems Public Relations Course 2024 aims to:
Enabling trainees to know how to employ modern technology tools in performing public relations functions and its various activities.
Getting to know the modern role of public relations in light of today’s changes and challenges, technically, intellectually, cognitively and functionally.
Learn about the concept of integrated systems in institutional work, and how to apply them in the field of public relations.
Raising the performance level of participants in dealing with modern technologies and electronic transactions in the field of public relations.
Explain the requirements for the application of integrated electronic public relations systems.
Enable participants to accurately identify the role of integrated systems and technical solutions in the performance of public relations activities, and its reflection on the internal and external audience.

Activities and Training Methods for Integrated Systems for Public Relations Course 2024

1- training lecture
2- Practical applications
3- Panel discussions

Contents of the Course:

Basic concepts of public relations in the institution and society
Basic concepts of public relations and their basic roles.
The main differences between the roles of public relations, media, advertising and marketing
Online and intranet public relations.
Recognize the vocabulary of the technical process of public relations.
The role of technology and technology in supporting the performance of public relations.
Basic applications of information technology in the field of public relations.
Characteristics and characteristics of electronic public relations.
Electronic media, its functions and roles
Writing characteristics for websites and social media.
Various electronic means of communication.
Distinctive characteristics of electronic corporate communication.
How to prepare a public relations plan professionally.
Planning for the work of public relations and its types.
Integrated public relations systems and their role in developing the work of the institution, organization or ministry.
The active roles of employees, administrators, and leaders, in the field of public relations.
Evaluate the performance of different systems in public relations
Gaining experience from experience, the method of measurement, evaluation and modification.
Dealing with the public through electronic systems and the most efficient means.
Dealing with leaders and officials efficiently.
Measuring public opinion and reactions.


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