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Course Description

Effective spokesperson course comes to highlight one of the most important forms of media presence for public relations employees or media professionals, department managers and a large number of employees who may be required to give a speech or speak on behalf of the institution or ministry.
Influential and successful institutions and organizations cannot leave their media presence to chance. Knowing how and when to actively interact with the press is a vital part of protecting and enhancing a company's reputation, whether to support business goals, tell the company's story, anticipate and prevent crises, or more.
Good spokespersons are powerful ambassadors and advocates for their brands and organizations, using the media as a channel to speak directly with key stakeholders and the wider audience. Therefore, today at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, we offer you the effective spokesperson course to enable trainees to master effective speech, positive thinking and the ability to deal diplomatically in all situations in front of others.

The overall objective of the effective spokesperson course

This course aims to acquire the tools and techniques to help senior managers and public relations officials build confidence, performance standards and relevant skill sets in successfully managing media interviews and developing them as effective corporate spokespersons.

Objectives of the course

Media spokesperson, skills, traits and mechanisms for success
How to achieve maximum impact in every interview he gives
The efficiency of the official spokesperson in dealing with crises
Organizing and managing the press conference

Effective Spokesperson Course Activities and Training Techniques

Training lecture
Practical applications (audio clips, video clips)
Discussion Panels

Effective Spokesperson Course Contents

Principles and rules for dealing with the media
Preparing the media interview agenda and how to form a media message for each interview.
Preparing for specific interviews, live, pre-recorded and printed
Media speaking skills and mastery of effective interview techniques
Intelligently using body language and tone of voice skills that are quickly picked up by the audience
Diplomacy in speaking, answering and responding.
Learn how to deal with difficult questions
Recognize the characteristics of influential speech language
Learn how to communicate key messages effectively and understand and present the kinds of stories journalists want to hear from a spokesperson
The basics of improving the mental image of institutions and qualifying public relations employees for the role of the official spokesperson in order to express their institutions and influence their audiences in order to achieve their strategic goals and preserve their reputation.
The ability of the spokesperson to transform the negative story of the organization into positive messages
- How to display the achievements of the company's work
Ability to face scepticism or hostility from the media
Skills in organizing and managing press conferences and how to write a press release

Outcomes of the Course

1- Basics of public speaker skills
2- The ability to build a media agenda and building blocks for communication messages
3- The ability to deal with all the tricks and traps that journalists use to extract information from spokespersons.
4- How to employ media platforms to serve the objectives of their affiliated institutions
5- Learn diplomacy in speaking and answering questions and in dealing with all situations in front of the public or the media.


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