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Course Description

Course of New Trends in Public Relations and Media is one of the important and distinctive courses at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, as it provides in-depth topics in the modern roles of public relations and media, and modern methods of applying them at the institutional level.

Objectives of Course of New Trends in Public Relations and Media:

Getting to know the contemporary European concept of public relations management

Familiarize yourself with the contemporary framework of the functions and responsibilities of the Public Relations Department

- Understand the concept of strategic leadership and strategic planning in public relations management

EFQM - To provide participants with the skills of operational planning and institutional excellence in accordance with European standards

Develop participants’ skills in dealing with contemporary media, especially during crises

Introducing participants to the rules of protocol and the art of etiquette

Training on the skills of dealing with the media during crises

Training course discussion:

The first axis - the contemporary framework for managing public relations

Contemporary concepts of public relations, its inception, its objectives and functions, its environment

Organizing and managing public relations

Public Relations and the public opinion

Public relations and means of communication and their use to serve organizations

Public Relations and Official Visits Ceremony

The second axis - leadership and strategic planning

Strategic leadership concept

The relationship of leadership to strategic planning and operational planning

Supportive skills for strategic planning in public relations management

Strategic planning and management of excellence in public relations management

EFQM European Excellence Model Standards

The third axis - media skills in public relations

Writing skills, preparing and issuing publications in the Public Relations Department

Skills in preparing and implementing audio-visual media programmes

Skills in dealing with various media, especially during crises

Fourth Axis - Public Relations and Contemporary Communication Technology

Different images of contemporary communication technology

Contemporary applications of communication technology in public relations

The growing role of electronic media

The importance of using contemporary means of communication for social interaction


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