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Course Description

Course in Public Relations 2024
Public relations gains its importance from the fact that they have become an integral part of modern departments and active departments in institutions, ministries, and companies, and the brand of these institutions cannot be empowered without effective and influential public relations.

Public relations, which has a great responsibility in connecting institutions and ministries with their external audiences and presenting the most beautiful and best image of the institution in front of public opinion, the media, and the general public, is a function that is not simple but involves a lot of inherent capabilities and advantages that bring together many parties of knowledge, media, psychological, social, economic, and others. Therefore, the industry of a successful PR man is the foundation of human partnership in self-development, challenge, drawing up plans, and making human capabilities a source of success for ministries and institutions.

London Academy of Media and Public Relations is proud to offer a course in Public Relations 2024, which is one of the best courses in the field because it is based on deep knowledge of public relations and media assets, along with modern technologies, theories developed in the field, and the latest applied in British and Western institutions.

The general objective of Course in Public Relations 2024

London Academy of Media and Public Relations offers its distinctive course, which aims to empower the trainee with the following knowledge and skills:
• Recognize the true meaning of the PR man.
• Deep knowledge of the concept of public relations, its theories, tools, mechanisms of influence, and real capabilities.
• Acquire the skills to become a successful PR man by all accounts.
• Identify the basic measures of success in the field of public relations.
• Optimal use of modern technologies in the development of public relations work.
• Recognize body language, talk, read personality, understand different situations, and extrapolate the future.
• international ethics and regulations in public relations.
• Effective communication methods in dealing with the public
• Optimal dealing with leaders and officials
• skills for institution development and work development in public relations
• name and brand industry in a professional way.

as well as additional skills that can be recognized directly through communication with the trainer during the training period.

Activities and Training Methods for the Course

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels

Topics of the Course

The course includes a distinctive set of knowledge and skills as well as practical applications and realistic models of the PR man, including:
• The history of the emergence of public relations and its development and growth
• Basic public relations function
• The importance of public relations for institutions
• The latest theories and modern applications of public relations in 2024
• Recent trends in public relations
• Professionally plan and implement public relations plans.
• Interpersonal skills in reading body language, eye language, and recognizing human patterns
• skills in dealing with leaders and officials and official protocols in it.
• Effective communication: its foundations, rules, applications
• The mental image of the institution, its measurement, construction, correction, and leadership,
• Performance appraisal scales, correction, and modification models.
• Handle social media skillfully.
• Dealing with the media and journalists
• Press writing
• Negotiation skills
• organizational, implementation, and participation skills
• Evaluation of reactions
• Diplomacy in responses to the media and media questions
• The skills of quick intuition and building an influential personality
as well as a variety of other skills during the 5-day course.


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