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Course Description

Communication and Negotiation Skills course is one of the most useful and important courses for public relations and media employees, administrators and leaders, in addition to its importance for a large number of employees in various sectors and other departments.
Where the majority of administrators, leaders, public relations employees and media professionals need to possess negotiation skills along with communication skills, and negotiation is a process aimed at reaching an agreement that contributes to achieving the interests of two or more parties linked by a common position. And the use of all methods of persuasion and the ability to make decisions.
Individuals who possess negotiation skills have the ability to seek out a variety of solutions to problems. Thus, they enhance their job position and make a difference in their position and work.

The overall objective of the Communication and Negotiation Skills course

The course aims to teach the basics of interpersonal skills and the communication skills used, because the ability to negotiate requires a combination of these skills together to achieve the desired outcome and promote ethical standards and reliability in an effective negotiator.

Detailed Objectives of Communication and Negotiation Skills Course
Enable participants to familiarize themselves with the basic rules of communication and negotiation skills
Learn the basic rules of negotiation skill
How to use negotiation and bargaining techniques
Recognize the persuasion skills of the negotiator
Knowing how to negotiate with clients
Communication and communication, effective communication methods
Formal and informal Methods of communication in Negotiation
Administrative Transactions in Negotiation
- Leading negotiation teams
- Negotiation management

Activities and Training Methods for this Course

Training lecture
Practical applications

Course contents:

Principles of effective communication and communication.
Principles of direct and indirect negotiation
The main elements of negotiation
Negotiation strategies and planning
Negotiation methods and methods
Types of negotiation in terms of objectives
Stages and steps of negotiation
- Negotiating parties
Skills necessary to analyze the subject of negotiation and identify interests
- Listening and Speaking skills
The art and methods of persuasion
Giving and withholding information as needed
- Efficient communication
Communication barriers
The ability to use emotional intelligence
The ability to influence others
Knowing the other, how to read the characters
Foreseeing the future and reading forecasts correctly.

Outcomes of this Communication and Negotiation Skills Course

1- Gain effective negotiation skills
2- Excellence in negotiation and persuasion management
3- The ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the parties to the negotiation process
4- Read the character and know the other party
5- Evaluate the performance of the negotiations, and prepare final reports for them
6- The ability to read future forecasts


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