British Conference of Media Leadership : Leading strategies in the era of digital transformationPublic Relations courses

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Course Description

Why This Conference?

The media creates miracles, and those who possess the media hold the loudest voice internally and internationally. While the West has long benefited from the media, amplifying its voice significantly, its impact and influence, these competitive skills in the field of media must be transferred to officials and managers in Arab countries. This is especially crucial given the presence of just causes that prioritize national interests over individual interests.

The British Media Leadership Conference is a pioneering event aimed at empowering participants with excellence in the field of media. The conference will primarily address various aspects of media leadership, encouraging participants to develop skills such as effective public speaking, organizing effective media dialogues, and the ability to have a positive impact on the audience. The conference will also provide methods for building a positive image for media institutions.

Conference Topics:

The Art of Public Speaking: How to develop oral communication skills, express ideas clearly, and persuade effectively.
Effective Media Dialogues: Learn how to interact positively with the media and build fruitful relationships with journalists and broadcasters.
Positive Media Influence: How to use the media to convey positive messages and enhance the overall image of institutions and individuals.
Media Analysis: How to understand and evaluate the impact of media on the audience and how to interact effectively with media coverage.