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Course Description

TQM course in protocols and ceremonies 2024 
Institutions are witnessing a growing role in serving society at all levels locally, in the Gulf, and internationally, and this role requires dealing with leaders and officials of multicultural societies such as ambassadors, trustees, excellencies, ministers, and dignitaries.
Such dealings fall within the scope of so-called ceremonies and protocols, which are a set of rules or directives that define proper and customary conduct concerning diplomatic assets and state affairs.
Therefore, the art of protocols and ceremonies had to be mastered by public relations staff and administrative positions assigned to conduct interviews and deal with VIPs.

The general objective of the TQM course in protocols and ceremonies is :

This course aims to introduce the basic principles of ceremonial etiquette, protocols, and etiquette; training in dealing with different situations that require familiarity with the rules of courtesy and protocol in multicultural societies; and how to deal with VIPs.

Detailed objectives of the TQM course in protocols and ceremonies 2024

• Learn the basic concepts of ceremonies, protocols, and etiquette.
• Identify the basic skills of VIP office managers.
• Develop the skills of effective communication with others required to conduct ceremonies and celebrations.
• Press conference protocol
• The art of dealing with VIPs

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel discussions feature a large variety of daily life situations and both good and uncomfortable behaviors.
• Field visits

Contents of the TQM course in protocols and ceremonies 2024

• The concept of total quality and its basics
• definition of ceremony, etiquette, and celebration.
• Principles of protocol and types of ceremonies
• Conditions to be met in ceremonies and protocol
• Rules governing the art of ceremonies and celebrations
• Invitations and table arrangements
• Plan and organize VIP visits, meetings, celebrations, and special events.
• How to attend receptions and social gatherings as an aristocrat.
• Learn the appropriate etiquette and protocol for dealing with celebrities.
• Use human thinking methods in solving problems of protocol and etiquette and dealing with prestigious personalities.
• Analytical, logical, and creative thinking
• Effective communication skills for the ceremony
• Components of the communication process (effective communication barriers)
• Talking and listening etiquette; laughing and smiling etiquette
• Attributes and characteristics of the behavior of VIPs and their most important keys
• Ways to deal with VIPs and manage impressions with VIPs
• quality standards for restaurants, and learn the correct table manners.
• Organizing official and diplomatic parties
• Visitor Protocols for visiting VIPs from abroad
• Protocol and organization of meetings and press conferences for VIPs
• Objectives of meetings and conferences and protocols for organizing meetings and press conferences
• The rules and etiquette of social and official ceremonies for VIPs
• Protocol seats for conferences and meetings attended by VIPs
• Protocols for dealing with women
• exchange of gifts, flowers, and prohibited gifts.
• Etiquette for using email and the Internet
• The concept of ethics and behavior and the compatibility of business ethics and protocol concepts

Outcomes of the course

• Recognize the components of personality and skills needed to deal with different types of people in different cultures.
• Know the protocols for visiting VIPs from abroad.
• Identify and apply the different rules of social and official etiquette.
• Knowledge of the principles of preparing and arranging banquets, official ceremonies, meetings, and conferences, the basis of dealing, and precedence on the occasions of signing contracts.


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