The role of public relations in restructuring government institutionsPublic Relations courses

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The role of public relations in restructuring government institutions

Public relations is one of the basic structures in ministries, departments and government institutions, and during the restructuring of these institutions, public relations need to understand its new role in delivering the institution to the ambition it wants.

The course provides basic and pioneering models in defining new roles, activating the values ​​of public relations for the advancement of government institutions, keeping pace with their restructuring, and knowing how public relations can play a major and essential role in restructuring, regulating relations within the institution, and regulating relations between the institution and external parties.

Public Relations and corporate restructuring course

The contents of the development of public relations to keep pace with the restructuring of government institutions.
The course also explains the main differences between:
Public relations
Social media
It provides a complete understanding of how to manage public relations for the media, advertising and social media departments.


The role of public relations

PR is a competitive field to get into and pre-entry experience in PR, communications, marketing and media is highly desirable.

Take advantage of any work placements on your course to develop your skills and knowledge, and to build a network of contacts for future potential opportunities.


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