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Course Description

The Public Relations Protocols Course 2024 is one of the most important courses during the years 2023–2024, due to the increasing importance of the role of public relations in senior departments, ministries, and institutions, where the interest of leaders, officials, and employees in public relations protocols is increasing, which is an essential skill for communication with each other and a feature of successful institutions and ministries, so that they constantly give a positive image of their dealings with each other.

The aim of this course:

The local and international arenas are witnessing an acceleration in connection and communication processes, including direct communication, which includes meetings, travel, receptions, and farewells; conferences and seminars; official celebrations; official visits; and other actions in which institutions must adhere to the standards of public relations protocols recognized locally and internationally.

The objective of Public Relations Protocols Course 2024

The course aims to provide participants with full knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of both protocols and public relations, through:
• Explain the basic and general concepts of protocols.
• The basic concepts of public relations: their origins, objectives, forms, and theories.
• Identify the modern role of public relations in light of today's changes and challenges, technically, intellectually, cognitively, and functionally.
• Identify the necessary and internationally recognized skills in protocol and etiquette.
• skills in dealing with senior personalities and official guests during official local and international events and activities.
• -Linking career work in public relations to the policies of protocols and etiquette.
• Clarify the relationships between international protocols and behaviours that exist in Islamic culture and Arab customs and traditions.
• It provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for organizing meetings and encounters, negotiating, and effective attendance at official ceremonies, meetings, encounters, and public events.
• Identify the differences between ceremonies, protocols, and etiquette. And when to use each of them?
• Develop the necessary skills in the field of ceremonies in public relations for every daily occasion, such as talking, dealing, receiving, dressing, welcoming, sitting, presenting, and others.
• How can we benefit from ceremonies and etiquette in enhancing the field of functional work?

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of the Public Relations Protocols Course 2024

1. Fundamental concepts of public relations in organizations and societies
2. Public relations fundamental concepts and roles
3. Fundamental distinctions between public relations, media, advertising, and marketing
4. Online PR and intranet.
5. Learn the vocabulary of the technical process of public relations.
6. The role of technology and technology in supporting the performance of public relations
7. Basic applications of information technology in the field of public relations
8. characteristics and features of electronic public relations.
9. The definition of the protocol, how and why it appeared, its role in society and in international institutions and forums
10. Etiquette, its theories, its rules, its importance.
11. The difference between protocol, etiquette, and ceremonies
12. How to enhance your career position through the use of protocol and etiquette skills in public relations.
13. Enhance the value of the institution or ministry through these skills.
14. How to gain a positive first impression of your presence.
15. The mental image, its definition, its importance, and how to acquire the skill of improving it and building it correctly.
16. The art of local and international courtesies
17. The art of shaking hands and greetings
18. The Art of Introduction and Acquaintance
19. The art of talking to others; what to do; and what you should never do.
20. Rules governing the arts of protocols and etiquette.
21. Identify basic concepts in the science of international and local protocols.
22. Protocols associated with senior leadership, local authorities, and the presidency.
23. Party protocols and banquets on official occasions.
24. Ceremonies of international accreditations, ambassadors, diplomatic representation, and official visits.
25. Ceremonies and protocols of foreign visits, and travel to Arab and foreign countries.
26. How to behave properly and positively in different situations.
27. Preparation and organization of local and international conferences.
28. Etiquette of speech and conversation with important personalities.
29. Protocols for visits of important guests from outside the country, Receive and supervise them during the visit.


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