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Course Description

The Art of Writing a Press Article Course 2023 
A newspaper article is a journalistic tool that directly expresses the writer's orientation and opinions regarding current events and issues that concern public opinion on the one hand, and the journalistic face that reflects the newspaper's policy on the other.
The ingenuity of the newspaper article is not limited to explaining and interpreting the current events and facts or commenting on them, but the author of the article comes up with a new idea that was not put forward before that would occupy the public and capture its attention, and this idea may push to repeal legislation or enact a new law that affects the interests of readers or arouses their interest for any reason, so the newspaper article is one of the most important journalistic arts that attracted many specialists to delve into this field and write what they excel at.

The general objective of The Art of Writing a Press Article Course 2023

The course aims to teach the basics of writing, the art of the newspaper article, and how to capture ideas and transform events and facts from the level of mental perception and visual observation into a written language.
Detailed Objectives of The Art of Writing a Press Article Course 2023
• Learn about the basic rules for writing a newspaper article.
• How to pick sources and how to take advantage of them.
• Detecting hidden points to prepare newspaper articles about them.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Field experiments
• Panel Discussions

Topics of The Art of Writing a Press Article Course 2023

• What is a press article?
• types of newspaper articles.
• Technical templates for a press article
• Preparation and planning of the press article
• The Rules and Foundations for Editing a Newspaper Article
• Elements of a newspaper article
• Controls for writing a newspaper article.
• characteristics of a newspaper article.
• sources for the newspaper article.
• methods used in writing a newspaper article.

Outputs of The Course

• Developing the journalistic sense to capture ideas and prepare them for a newspaper article
• Discover what will make your article special and unique.
• Working against the clock
• Writing a newspaper article.



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