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Course Description

The Art of Dealing with Rumors Course 
A rumour is a piece of news that spreads without verification, and in the contemporary Arabic lexicon, a rumour is defined as a source of (false, unreliable, and uncertain news) that spreads among people.
Rumours usually spread when crises such as wars and epidemics occur. For example, the current spread of rumours about the Coronavirus and the spread of rumours often increases whenever the subject is of great importance to the life, safety, and health of society.
With the development of the means of communication, the means of information transmission have increased significantly and rapidly, which has facilitated the spread of rumours, so it is necessary to develop awareness to distinguish between true and common information and how to deal with rumours because their spread leads to destabilization in society or destabilization of confidence in a particular institution or product.

The general objective of the Art of Dealing with Rumors Course

The course aims to teach techniques for dealing with rumours to control them.
Detailed Objectives of The Art of Dealing with Rumors Course
• Identify the basic rules of correct information.
• How to classify information: true, false, rumour?
• Containing and controlling rumours

Topics of The Art of Dealing with Rumors Course

• What are rumours?
• types of rumours.
• Methods used in making rumours
• Rumors' sources
• rumor characteristics
• The social consequences of spreading rumours
• How do promote rumours?
• How to refute and classify information.
• Ways to counter rumours
• Rebuilding confidence after recovering from the impact of rumours

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Field experiments
• Panel Discussions

Outputs of The Course

• Developing an information sense to differentiate between right and wrong information
• ability to deal with rumours.
• Working against the clock
• writing a plan to counter rumours.


  • Airport-to-hotel transfer.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Study materials.
  • Farewell open buffet.
  • London tours, Buses & boats.
  • Hotel-to-airport transfer.

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