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Course Description

The Sports Media and Sports Journalism course is concerned with journalistic writing for sports and athletes and focuses on building and developing the journalistic sense and writing styles of sports in general, including evaluation, observation, monitoring, characterization, direct transmission, dialogues, and other journalistic processes needed by the sports journalist.

Videos, social media, graphics, articles, interviews, live streams, and podcasts are all part of the new media that is changing the world of sports. This is what distinguishes some and makes them specialists in the sports industry.
We live in the information age. The desire for mathematical knowledge, analysis, and sports fans is insatiable. From social accounts to team locations, this creates opportunities for media professionals to reach and influence fans.
There is an endless array of opportunities that revolve around creating sports content in the global world of sports.
So ask yourself, do you want to be the one who consumes or makes the content?
The general objective of the Sports Media and Sports Journalism Course
The course aims to create a sports journalist who can provide successful and distinctive sports media content and develop the sports media roles of journalists while teaching the concept and basics of the role of sports media and the decision-making process in sports media departments, and how to develop this role.

Detailed Objectives of the Sports Media and Sports Journalism Course

• The basics of creating attractive and exciting sports content to interact with the sports audience.
• Identify the rules of media work in the sports field.
• Identify how to monitor, analyze, and follow up on the local, Arab, and international leagues.
• Determine the fundamental rules of the role of the sports media.
• Develop strategies for the management and development of sports media.
• Understand the impact of public relations in the field of sports media.
• The importance and promotion of ethical practice in sports journalism
• Addressing the problems facing sports journalists in media organizations
• Taking a deep dive into sports social media
• How to deal with views from leagues and partners
• How to understand the sports audience, interact with followers, and create engaging content

Who Should Participate in the Sports Media and Sports Journalism Course?

With so many sports newspapers, broadcast channels, digital media, and social platforms than ever before, and with the growth of sports journalism, the demand for media professionals and journalists talented in following sports teams, leagues, and the organizational side of content development and managing the creative process in the sports field is increasing.

The Sports Media and Sports Journalism courses are suitable for you if you dream of working in:

• Sports Media
• Sports, Social Media
• Sports Broadcasting
• Public Relations in Sports
• Sports Marketing
• Professional Athlete Management.
• Team reporter or sports analyst
• Sports Information Manager

Topics of Sports Media and Sports Journalism Course :

• The importance of working as a sports journalist
• Sports, Media Functions
• Sports journalism and writing styles
• Coverage and follow-up of matches
• participation in sports TV programs.
• How to create a calendar of content throughout the seasons.
• Journalistic types used in sports media (sports journalism)
• Sports content strategy techniques which are needed to build an active and strong audience.
• Sports marketing and content strategies
• Identify the challenges of sports journalism and how to face them.
• How to harmonize and display divergent opinions and perspectives from teams and players.
• How to create fast-spreading group sports videos
• The skill of interviewing athletes
• Creating and developing unique programs and social content related to the field of sports,
• Learn the art of storytelling to grab the attention of fans who are not present.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Field visits

Outcomes of the Sports Media and Sports Journalism Course

1-Identify the functions of sports media.
2-Possess the skill of journalistic writing in the field of sports media.
3-Understand and perceive the different components and parts of the sports media process.
4: Working against the clock.
5-How to deal with sports lovers using new media technologies including social media, digital media, live streaming, and video production.
6-The Sports Media course gives you a competitive advantage when applying for a job in sports journalism and content-focused roles.
7-How to leverage the power of content to develop and enhance your skills in sports media.
8- This course enables you to learn the media skills necessary to advance in the field of sports media.


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