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Course Description

Public Relations in oil companies course 
The role of public relations in oil companies and oil institutions is concerned with one of the essential parts of the process of communication within the company, between interdisciplinary departments, or outside the company with media and government institutions.

The public relations of any contributing oil institution or company are tasked with building its good reputation and reflecting its successful image through effective media and marketing strategies that promote its agenda. As much as the professionalism enjoyed by the Director of the Public Relations Department and his staff, he can reach the ranks of the major international oil companies distinguished by their resources, work, and achievements.
There are many bumps and challenges facing the journalist during his media career to market to the company affiliated with it or to know how to present a bright image of it as the media, with its fourth authority, can raise the name of the company in front of its audience high or reach the bottom depending on the strength and efficiency of this journalist. It is a world of many secrets, whose contours draw clear strategies that can be gained through continuous learning and training to pay off afterwards with practice and development.

The general objective of public relations in oil companies

The course aims to teach the concept and basics of the role of public relations in the energy sector and oil and gas institutions, the decision-making process in senior management, and how to develop this role.
The Public Relations Course in Oil Companies also seeks to prepare and qualify a media person familiar with all the scientific and theoretical knowledge required by media work and public relations to build media strategies and the ability to turn them into practical applications to implement them on the ground; understand the media challenges faced by the oil and gas sector; formulate a media message capable of keeping pace with the trends and issues facing this industry and adapt to emerging agendas and future challenges.

Detailed objectives of Public relations in oil companies

• Identify the basic rules for the role of public relations in oil companies.
• Developing strategies for the management and development of public relations in oil and gas institutions.
• Understanding the impact of public relations on oil companies
• Practice of public relations and promoting it to prevent it from becoming propaganda.
• addressing the problems experienced by public relations in oil companies.
• Raising the level of media awareness and understanding of the media and how to deal with them
• Developing a mindset for dealing with different media outlets such as print, radio, television, and electronic media
• How to win the media game.
Topics of public relations in oil companies
The course is divided into two training tracks, the first in the field of public relations and advertising and the second in the field of journalism and media, as they complement each other, and knowledge of them helps the public relations department of any institution carry out its work to the fullest.

First: Public Relations and Advertising

• Basic principles of public relations: basic concepts (its history, function, importance, theories, role in government companies...)
• Effective communication: its foundations, rules, and applications.
• Personal skills in reading body language, eye language, and recognizing human patterns
• Establishment and management of public relations departments in oil institutions and companies
• How to make the best use of the potential of oil and gas sector companies' media and social media offices, when to use them, and when to ignore them.
• Strategic communication and ways to deal with crises
• The mental image of the institution, its measurement, construction, correction, and leadership,
• How to craft the best PR content that the audience of oil companies wants.
• Establish and maintain contact with the media and diplomacy in response to media and media questions.
• Skills in dealing with leaders and officials and official protocols
• skills in meeting organization, implementation, and participation.
• The art of dealing with rumours
• Identify customer types and ways to deal with complaints, negative messages, and sarcastic comments.
• How to organize press conferences to open media channels between the company's managers and journalists
• Prepare press releases on issues of interest to the company.
• methods of dealing with advertising.
• Coordination of conferences and media tours
• Advertising strategies, copywriting methods, and brand management.
• The role of the public relations office within the company of organizing parties and recreational trips for its employees and propose useful courses and programs that contribute to raising the productivity of its employees and carrying out the duty of condolences and psychological support for them.

Second: Journalism and Media

• Fundamentals of media skills for employees of oil and gas companies
• How to prepare news and write administrative and press reports.
• knowledge of the terminology of the energy sector and its effective alignment with the objectives of the company's media and marketing campaigns according to the interests of the external audience.
• Analyze the content of media publications on the oil sector in newspapers and social media sites and ways to deal with them.
• Launch and manage media campaigns from planning to implementation.
• Preparing digital content and its role in strengthening it and showing the role of companies
• Investigate media and logical statements in journalism and media writing and use these statements to promote the company's achievements.
• How to Conduct press interviews with the company's managers and highlight their effective and positive role and the social responsibility entrusted to them.
• ways to develop the media magazines of companies and the development of sections and journalistic methods that enhance public confidence in them.
• The basics of design and methods of infographic work which are employed in the media and marketing campaigns of the company.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion sessions and activities
• Field visits

Outputs of Public relations in oil companies course

1-Identify public relations jobs in oil companies.
2-Ability to draw and implement strategies to build a good reputation for the company and enhance public confidence in it.
3-Possess the necessary media skills to manage a media office for an oil company.
4: Ability to formulate news and carry out media campaigns in support of the company's mission.
5. Identify the most effective tools when dealing with the public, media, and stakeholders or promoting the company.
6-Possess the skills for managing and organizing conferences, exhibitions, and seminars in an effective manner.
7-having the ability to defend the position of the oil company and face the challenges it can face.


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