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Course Description

Developing public relations in government institutions 
The need to develop public relations in media institutions has become fundamental in light of the increasing and growing role of public relations in ministries and various official bodies such as departments, associations, and others.

Public relations, which were a small part of institutions and ministries, are occupying more important and larger places because of their effective and fundamental impact on the image of the institution, its external public form, its dealings with the media, and its dealings with institutions and other bodies, as well as its fundamental role within the institution in conferences, seminars, meetings, and other important roles.
During the development of public relations, the development of public relations is not limited to the functional structure but goes beyond it to understand the basic details of the work, know the prospects for future development, and understand the difference between the interdisciplinary details.

The general objectives of developing public relations in government institutions

The course aims to provide the latest developments in the world of public relations according to the standards of British and European public relations institutes and associations, so that the modern roles of public relations, their interactions with other departments, and provide work models and effective documents in the development of public relations departments in government institutions following the latest developments in this department.

The course also aims to

• Providing fundamental and pioneering models for defining new public relations roles within government institutions.
• ways to activate the values of public relations to promote government institutions.
• methods of organizing relations within the institution and organizing relations between the institution and external parties.
• Identify how to develop plans for the development of internal departments and qualify employees in this department.
• How to implement development plans to rise to better levels of functionality
• Identify role styles and how to deal with each style.
• Periodic monitoring models of work performance and the application of quality standards at work
• Provide new tools to raise the value of work within the public relations departments and within the public institutions within them.

Topics of developing public relations in government institutions

The course includes many active and essential elements, including:
• Public relations, basic concepts (its history, function, importance, theories...)
• Basic public relations function
• The importance of public relations within government institutions
• The latest theories and modern applications of public relations in 2024
• Recent Trends in Public Relations 2024
• Interpersonal skills in reading body language, eye language, and recognizing human patterns
• skills in dealing with leaders and officials and official protocols in it.
• Effective communication: its foundations, rules, applications
• The mental image of the institution, its measurement, construction, correction, and leadership,
• Performance appraisal scales, correction, and modification models.
• Handle social media skillfully.
• Dealing with the media and journalists
• Press writing
• Negotiation skills
• organizational, implementation, and participation skills
• Evaluation of reactions
• Diplomacy in responses to the media and media questions
• The skills of quick intuition and building an influential personality
as well as a variety of other skills during the 5-day course.
Activities and Training Methods for developing public relations in government institutions

The course includes many activities and methods that suit each project, including:

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop


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