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Etiquette and protocols Course for Dealing with VIPs

Mon, April 3, 2023 - Mon, December 25, 2023 (8:30 am - 1:00 pm)
Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester, London


Protocols Course for Dealing with VIPs

Etiquette and protocols for dealing with VIPs are essential roles for some employees, especially in the PR and communication departments. they are determined by the protocols followed in countries around the world, where very important people are known as VIPs, and their importance is determined by the amount of responsibility they have.

The aim of this course:

Protocol or etiquette is part of the culture and history of people, and high-level or important people have a certain level of interaction that must be commensurate with their status and importance. There are basic rules to consider, and it can be said that breaking some of these rules may cause financial losses, and political problems, and may even have reached the point of the war, as has happened in history.
Etiquette and protocols Course for Dealing with VIPs from the London Academy of Media and Public Relations in London offers a basic and deep understanding of many of the foundations of VIP skills, allowing for a rich experience that is not often repeated. It is an opportunity to raise the level of sophistication in handling and performance to very high levels.

The objective of the Etiquette and protocol course for dealing with VIPs

The course, offered by specialists in the field, aims to:
• Allow participants to comprehend fundamental human relationships and positive optimal dealing values.
• Recognize the levels of dealing with people, especially VIPs, and how to gain their affection and impress and respect them.
• Discover the basic rules governing the art of ceremonies and etiquette within the skills of dealing with VIPs.
• Learn about meeting ceremonies.
• Hospitality and hosting ceremonies
• Official meeting ceremonies, celebrations, receptions, and farewells
• determine priorities related to determining responsibility and dealing.
• Determine proper etiquette and public and private protocols.
• Etiquette sitting, shaking hands, talking, peace, initiative, alarm.
• Indirect communication protocols, via letters or electronic communications

Course Duration:

5 days with an average of 20 training hours.

Topics of etiquette and protocols 2023: A Course for Dealing with VIPs

• Recognize public, private, and VIP areas.
• A look at psychology and how people read and understand body language.
• Recognize the art of etiquette and its basic rules in interactions and behaviors.
• Recognize official ceremonies, their etiquette, and the rules that govern them.
• The Art of Positive Communication with Others (Direct and Indirect)
• The art of dealing with VIPs and officials

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