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Course Description

Professional Media Project Management Course 
Media projects are of great importance in today's world. They are the biggest influencers in public opinion. They manage social media sites efficiently, raise the ceiling of culture, and dig deep into human consciousness. It is an essential interface for many governmental and private institutions, offering the public what cannot be offered to them through other projects.

The Objectives of the Professional Media Project Management Course

The course aims to provide participants with all the appropriate administrative resources to manage media projects professionally, through:
1. Identify the concepts of modern management:
2. See the most important models of professional management and understand their templates, patterns, and aspects.
3. Understand the nature of media organizations and the specificity of working in them.
4. Recognize the sections, forms, and patterns of media organizations.
5. influence and vulnerability in the management of media organizations and the discovery of internal and external strengths.
6. Evaluate the performance of the work of media institutions through specific management models.
7. quality management within media organizations.
8. business plans, timelines, synchronization, periodic review, efficiency, and others.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Course Topics of the Course

Professional Media Project Management Course 2024 includes the following core sections:
1. The concept of comprehensive professional management
2. Leadership and its types
3. Media institutions and their types
4. Quality Management
5. Time Management
6. Delegation skills
7. Action Plans
8. Synchronization and performance.
9. influencing and being influenced by public opinion.
10. Periodic Evaluation Schedules
11. measurement and correction tables.


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