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Media Report Writing Course 2023

Sun, April 2, 2023 - Mon, October 30, 2023 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)
London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle


Media Report Writing course 2023 includes a unique and intensive series of information about the most up-to-date way of writing media reports.
The majority of government and private institutions need competent staff with the ability to write an internal or external media report. directed to the branches and departments of the institution, or directed to the media or external entities and institutions.

Although some have the skill of writing a report, a successful or appropriate report has foundations, tools, and structures that distinguish it from non-specialized general reports.
London Academy of Media and Public Relations offers one of the most important successful media courses on media report writing, which has helped many institutions and their employees deliver successful media reports, ensuring quality in terms of content, ease in terms of language, and strength in terms of impact. According to the latest principles and standards for writing official and private reports,

The general objective of the Course 

The course aims to teach the basics of writing modern media reports and to transform ideas, events, and figures into understandable and professionally written reports.

Detailed objectives of the Media Report Writing Course 2023

• Learning about the basic rules for writing media reports.
• principles for dividing the target audience and using the most appropriate model according to each category.
• Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of media reporting
• Reference samples in media reports and ways to benefit from them.
• Identify the five models in modern media reports.
• Planning method for writing ready-made model reports
• The method of assessing the effectiveness and impact of a media report
Topics of the Media Report Writing Course 2023
• Learning about the basic rules for writing media reports.
• Identify the three languages used in writing media reports.
• How to find references and ideas to include in reports.
• Making sure you have all the facts you need to write an integrated media report.
• How to discover hidden angles and stories in data and information to provide reports with efficiency and quality.
• How to develop data and media reports by collecting additional information and finding a better angle
• Avoiding gaps or unanswered questions in reports.
• Handleing with numbers correctly in media reports.
• How to write and accomplish the specified deadlines even under the influence of work pressure.
• How to prepare ready-made forms for appropriate media reports
• Applying total quality standards in writing media reports.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Outcomes of the Media Report Writing Course 2023

1-The trainee will be able to develop the skill of writing a media report perfectly.
2-Identify the languages used and the basic forms of writing to determine the most appropriate form of the report.
3-Accelerating work and achievement significantly.
4- Possessing the skills of influence, clarity, and accuracy in writing media reports.
5- Developing the skill of writing, analysis, and experience in the field of media and media writing.

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