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Course Description

Media Institutions Restructuring Course 
Change is the hallmark of life, and evolution is the basis of success in an era that is constantly chasing behind the new, especially in the field of media and technology, which pushes many institutions, especially media institutions, to look for ways to develop and restructure to keep pace with development and keep pace with future visions.

Manpower and successful departments can take charge of change management and restructuring, by controlling all parties of the organization and developing a plan that includes all facilities.
Companies and organizations need to reorganize themselves, and administrators find themselves faced with the question: Does the organization need a new restructuring? Or should only the current structure be modified? Employees face the challenge of how to adapt to the new structure.

Objectives of Media Institutions Restructuring Course

In this course, the London Academy of Media and Public Relations provides the necessary advice and training to administrators and employees involved in restructuring, or employees working in organizations that are undertaking restructuring, to highlight the new roles and tasks to be performed and how to adapt to the new.

The Media Institutions Restructuring Course 2024 aims to:

• Clarify the concepts of restructuring media institutions.
• qualifying the leaders of the first and second grades to deal with restructuring.
• The business associated with the restructuring that is both centralized and decentralized
• Identify the principles of the scope of management and supervision
• Simplify procedures
• Effectiveness and efficiency
• Evaluation and development of organizational structures
• Preparation of the new job description
• Dealing with organizational problems in new structures.
• Exchange and transfer of experiences in the field of preparation and development of administrative structures
• How to develop restructuring plans
• Implement and oversee change
• Monitoring, reviewing, and optimizing.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture.
• Practical applications.
• Panel Discussions.

Topics of Media Institutions Restructuring Course

• Foundations of media management and organization.
• Types of management and organization and their suitability for media institutions.
• Steps to prepare new organizational structures.
• Job descriptions (foundations and applications).
• Organizational problems that arise due to restructuring.
• Preparation and development of new organizational structures.
• Restructuring (concept, foundations, components).
• Steps to prepare for the restructuring.
• Issues and problems related to restructuring.
• Practical problems of arranging jobs.
• Abolition and creation of certain functions (problems and solutions).
• Practical problems of transferring jobs from one group to another and methods of dealing with them.
• Problems and solutions associated with inter- and total periods.
• Reasons for restructuring.
• Restructuring problems.
• Application to the status of a comprehensive process.
• Analyze, characterize and evaluate functions, concepts, and objectives.
• Methods of data collection.
• Evaluation of experiments and models.
• Monitoring, measurement, and improvement.


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