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Media and Advertising Campaigns planning Course 2023

Mon, April 3, 2023 - Mon, December 25, 2023 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)
Bristol, London, Manchester, Newcastle


Media and Advertising Campaigns planning Course 2023 
This course works on simplifying the theoretic side of the concept of campaigns and enabling the trainee to make the biggest and most complex advertising and media campaigns in a professional way that suits high level competition that exists in the market.

The trainee gets after completing this course the tools, understanding and ability of executing campaigns professionally in a way that corresponds with the expectations of governmental entities, government departments and public institutions and ministries to implement campaigns, managing and supervising them professionally.

Contents of Media and Advertising Campaigns planning Course

Media and advertising campaigns planning Course is regarded as a part of Marketing Courses and advertising campaigns courses that include:
1. Enriching the abilities of participants in the field of planning for implementing programs, projects and campaigns of media and advertising creatively that it goes in line with modern approaches of marketing and advertisement.
2. Enabling the participant to acquire the skills of dealing with mass media and advertisement, communicating effectively with workers in that field, managing and supervising them.
3. Defining new approaches in the field of advertisement, their concepts methods and tools.
4. The way of measuring media and advertisement campaigns through implementation, and the way of measuring the effectivity of impact at the end of campaigns.
5. Managing different work teams that implement campaigns.
6. Effective contact with participants in the campaigns and communicating with audience.
7. Understanding the way of designing campaigns and that it meets the requirements of successful campaigns main measurements.

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