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Course Description

Management of Media Organizations Course 2024
The management of media organizations is one of the most important departments in which the administrator finds himself facing a great challenge, as media organizations have a character that makes them unique in terms of departments, employees, specialities, and the final product in which the work appears.

Unlike many departments where work ends at the end of official work, the management of media institutions shows work around the clock, day and night, and the peak hours may be the evening hours and mostly the night.
Also, the final product is usually seen by many people, be they officials, citizens, or stakeholders. All this makes the management of media organizations a real challenge for serious managers.
The Media Organizations Management Course 2024 at London Media Academy will provide participants with a clear and broad vision of this significant role in administrative media work.

The Objectives of the Media Organizations Management Course

The course aims to provide participants with the opportunity to:
1-Modern administrative forms in media institutions
2-Organizational structures of media institutions
3-The real roles played by managers of media organizations regardless of their locations
4 - Identify the nature of media work, work sections, and tasks of each department and how to manage them.
5-The skill of delegation in media institutions: when and how?
6-Meeting skills Time management, action plans, performance monitoring.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Course Topics of Media Organizations Management Course

• The concept of management and its methods in media institutions
• Strategic and operational planning of media organizations
• Dealing with human resources and developing them in media institutions
• Monitor the performance of different departments in media institutions.
• Skills in the art of negotiation and persuasion
• Time management.


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