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Course Description

Integrated systems Course for conferences and seminars, 2024 
Organizing a conference or seminar is undoubtedly a daunting task, even for the most organized organizations, as when you host a major event, a lot of planning and organization are required to ensure a successful and informative conference.
Conferences span two days or more and may last a whole week, but planning these days takes longer periods of time, and this requires you to be able to plan all the details of the event down to the types of materials you will provide to attendees.
One of the important documents you must submit is the agenda for the conference.
This agenda should be easy to read and follow, look professional, and contain a detailed schedule of your event.
The theme is more than just a rallying cry for all participants. It will also highlight and promote your brand, from logo design to access to social media hashtags to printing posters, brochures, and other guarantees.

The general objective of the Course is:

The course aims to learn the basics of integrated systems of conferences and seminars, the skills necessary to conduct events of all kinds professionally, and how to achieve a balance between obtaining funding and maintaining the integrity of the effectiveness.
Detailed Objectives of Integrated Systems Course for Conferences and Seminars
• Identify the basic rules of the skills needed for holding conferences and seminars.
• The basic rules of planning skills for holding conferences and seminars
• Negotiation and bargaining techniques
• Persuasion skills of the negotiator.
• Prepare the budget for the establishment of conferences or seminars.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions
• Field visits

Contents of Integrated Systems Course for Conferences and Seminars 2024

• Types of events and their respective characteristics
• How to determine the theme of the event (conferences or seminars)
• Planning the event and the appropriate duration of time for it
• How to create, manage, prioritize and delegate tasks
• How to create a team, manage them, prioritize and delegate tasks:
1. Planning team: conference venue, accommodation, activities, catering.
2. Management team in charge of budgeting, registration, and ticket sales
3. Marketing team: contact the media, create promotional materials, and manage the event's (conference or seminar) website, blog, and social media activities.
4. Sponsor insurance is provided by the Sponsorship Team.
5. Volunteers: Assist with all on-site activities on the day of the conference: door management, ticket review, guest list tracking, wardrobe management, people orientation, etc.

• How prepare a budget with realistic estimates and determine the elements for which you want to budget (place, accommodation, transportation, serving, speaker fees, activities, marketing, staff).
• The skill of negotiating contracts
• How to find the right sponsors for the conference theme and arrange to fundraise.
• How to find the right speakers and invite them
• Determine the appropriate place for the type of event in terms of size, location, and equipment.
• The importance of determining the appropriate date to choose the date of the conference or seminar
• Create an agenda for the event (conference or seminar) (lectures, small groups, workshops, interactive sessions, Q&A sessions, etc.).
• Implementation and follow-up
• Follow up on feedback.

Outcomes of Integrated Systems Course for Conferences and Seminars 2024

• Acquire the skill of planning conferences and seminars.
• Design a conference agenda and identify models of agendas for them
• Formation and management of the team.
• Ability to hold a successful event (conference or seminar)



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