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Integrated systems course for ceremonies 2023

Mon, June 5, 2023 - Mon, December 25, 2023 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)Europe/London


The importance of integrated systems course for ceremonies 2023 comes from the fact that it comes at a time when many institutions and ministries are seeking to keep pace with the era of speed and progress continuously, especially with the policies of transformation for the future and new visions such as Vision 2030 or other future plans.
Integrated systems are among the priorities for improving the behavior and skills of employees working in many sectors, especially as ceremonies and protocols have become one of the most important skills required for an increasing number of employees, not only in the public relations sector but in many other functional areas and sectors. It has become required in interviews, official ceremonies, important events, receiving guests, preparing for conferences, and more.

The aim of this course:

In this distinctive course at the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, participants will learn about the application of integrated systems in protocols and ceremonies, including an understanding of the most important and up-to-date principles and rules governing protocols and ceremonies, as well as modern theories, required skills, and the distinctive arts of ceremonies and ceremonies. The main focus is on understanding the working mechanisms of integrated systems in the work of employees in the field of protocols and ceremonies, modern technologies, and emerging protocols for 2021 so that the course covers all aspects of integrated systems needed for ceremonies and protocols.

The goal of the Integrated systems course for ceremonies 2023

The course aims to familiarize trainees with the basics of applying integrated systems in ceremonies and protocols; ensure the provision of the latest and most distinguished practices of integrated systems in the science of ceremonies and protocols; and develop the skills of trainees in this field through practical applications, workshops, and exercises. These include:
1-Identify the concepts of integrated systems in departments and functions.
2-Identification of integrated systems for ceremonies and protocols in 2023
3-How to apply the concepts of integrated systems in the work of ceremonies and protocols.
4-An integrated set of ideas and knowledge of excellence in the field of ceremonies and honors.
5-Raising the skills of participants in knowing the basics and theories of protocols, ceremonies, and etiquette.
6-Provide the latest theories and practices in the field of protocols and ceremonies.
Conduct scientific applications to protocol practices and ceremonies.
8-Explain modern concepts in the field of international ceremonies and official protocols.
9-Identify the skills for dealing with VIPs and officials.
10-Recognize the reading of the character and understand the character through actions, movements, behaviors, and eyes.
11-Conduct flexibility and skill exercises in simulating official figures in ceremonies, protocols, and official events.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of Integrated systems course for ceremonies 2023

• Definitions and ceremonies about protocols, etiquette, and protocols and the differences between them.
• A brief history of the field of ceremonies and etiquette
• integrated systems and their basic rules in institutions, ministries, and companies.
• Identify the concepts of integrated systems governing the work of ceremonies and protocols.
• Reviewing practical applications of total quality in ceremonies and protocols
• The most important measures of integrated systems are performance control methods, quality improvement, quality schedules, and others.
• rules governing the arts of ceremonies, protocols, and etiquette.
• Recognize the fundamental concepts of protocol and international and local etiquette.
• Ceremonies, etiquette, and protocols associated with senior leadership, local authorities, and the presidency
• Protocol for parties and banquets on official occasions.
• Ceremonies of international accreditation, ambassadors, diplomatic representation, and official visits.
• Ceremonies and protocols of foreign visits and travel to Arab and foreign countries are included.
• rules for greeting, shaking hands, and presentation.
• How to behave properly and positively in different situations.
• Funeral ceremonies for military and civilian funerals
• Preparation and organization of local and international conferences.
• etiquette of speech and conversation with important personalities.
• Ceremonies for visits of important guests from outside the country, Receive and supervise them during the visit.
• Protocol for the opening and closing sessions of local and international conferences
• General protocol governs official visits to the institution.
• Management of protocol, functions, and tasks of its department’s
• ceremonies of official meetings and daily meetings.
• Etiquette in Public Relations
• The etiquette of listening and talking in public relations.
• The importance of this art for public relations professionals
• Etiquette for talking, sitting, walking, and riding in a vehicle
• How to ensure excellence in your work within the protocol and ceremonies sector.
• How to improve the performance of workers in the field of ceremonies and protocols to achieve full excellence in performance.


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