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Course Description

Government Website Performance Improvement Course 2024
Internet sites have become an essential part of every institution, ministry, or company, and you cannot survive in the fields of competition, business provision, marketing, and media access without websites.
Internet sites are the interface without which we cannot imagine what institutions in today's world would look like, and while businesses can grow their websites, develop them, and place them in the top ranks, government institutions, ministries, agencies, and state agencies still suffer from a lack of capacity to develop websites despite all their financial resources.
In this course, we provide full real-world experience in the development and improvement of websites to raise the level of their performance, detect their errors, and direct them in the right direction while managing the technical and human processes with ease.
The trainee does not need knowledge and experience in programming, as improving the performance of Internet sites is not related to programming, but is related to cognitive and administrative skills.

The goal of the Government Website Performance Improvement Course is 2024

The course aims to:
• Provide detailed knowledge of websites and their components.
• Simplify website concepts and provide a complete learning experience for website launch and management.
• Learn how to evaluate the performance of 100 different Internet sites.
• Provide a list of the most important tools to monitor and evaluate the performance of sites.
• Identify and meet basic SEO requirements for website optimization.
• How to detect the errors of Internet sites while providing a list of the most serious errors up to the least serious ones.
• The way to improve mistakes in an easy and fun way.
• How to manage a website team

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Workshop

Topics of the Government Website Performance Improvement Course 2024

The course includes the following content:
• A look at the Internet sites, technically and practically
• Identify the host.
• domain recognition.
• Learn about Internet templates.
• Simplifying programming concepts
• Evaluate the speed of Internet sites and ways to speed them up.
• How Internet sites appear on the first page of Google
• Know the security vulnerabilities in the websites.
• How to obtain electronic security standards for sites
• Evaluate the performance of websites using 7 basic criteria.
• How to optimize the site for search engines
• Know the information of visitors to the website and its source (country, city, type of device, age, gender, etc.).
• Learn about the most visited pages on the site.
• Know how visitors behave on the site (where they come from, what pages they visit, how much time they spend...).
• How to improve the keywords on the site.
• How to gain the largest possible audience on the site.
• How do search engines see your website?
• The skill of choosing photos, their comments, titles, and sizes
• How to link the site successfully with social media accounts
• Tools that determine the level of your site from 100, and ways to upgrade step by step.

With a lot of important and deep details and information in the field of improving and developing websites and making them rise to the filters of successful and influential sites,


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