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Course Description

Effective using of body language course 2024 
During talking to others, our voice and the movement of our body are essential parts of our personality. How does the audience hear our voice and how does it affect the way they look at us and accept us?

Skills to communicate with others effectively, through the use of body language, the use of voice, and interpersonal communication skills are fundamental in the world of live jobs, and the world of communicating messages effectively through communication, media, personal transactions, customer service or others.

What is the new?

Influential ways of communicating are the basis of the success of many businesses, even when it comes to communicating with customers and the public, and also dealing with employees from colleagues, subordinates or superiors, the skill of communication is fundamental and influential in self-expression, persuasion, or even dialogue.
We must be fully aware of tomorrow our body and our voices, especially the parts that can question our credibility without us knowing.

Effective using of body language course will make your message more vivid using techniques such as anecdotes, measurements and quotes to communicate your voice more strongly to your audience and surroundings.
Learn how to diversify and pause your voice to build emotion in your presentation and keep your audience engaged, how to deal with your hands, head, shoulders, eyes and more, in pulling others, drawing their attention and convincing them stronger.

The General Objectives of Effective using of body language course

The course aims to enable trainees to have many basic skills in speaking, interacting and communicating with others, including:
• Understanding the meaning of body language and voice, and how influential and effective it is in communication
• Understanding how stories and examples affect conversations
• Use body language effectively in positively influencing the surroundings of an audience, colleagues or others
• Learn how to adjust stress
• The skill of creating suspense and credibility in talking with others.
• How to build a personality trait specific to your voice, tone, body language and pauses
• Understanding the nature of the audience and how to influence it and build a positive relationship with it.

Activities and Training Methods

• Practical applications
• Workshops
• Training lecture
• Discussion Panels

Topics of Effective using of body language course

The course contains many important details, including:
1- Recognize the concept of body language
2- Identify the public, media, and communication environments
3- Ways to use body language according to the audience, media or communication environment
4. Recognize the importance of the pitch
5. When should the frequency of sound change
6- Body language training examples
7- Concepts of breathing and ways to control it according to need
8- Ways to speak, enthusiastically, emotionally, and with excitement.
9- Identify the three most effective methods in starting the conversation
10- Learning the skill of changing the speed of speech according to need
11. Stop talking, when and why?
12- How to pull the audience through the seven skills.
13. Recognize the impact of stories, examples and anecdotes during the conversation
14- Possess the skill of quoting and stories in conversations, when to use them and how?
As well as a large number of distinctive and unique contents, which are provided by specialists in the field by Effective using of body language courses.


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