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Course Description

Effective and Influential Communication Course 2024
Communication is one of the basic social skills, which may be required in everyday life to improve communication, communicating ideas, and interacting positively with others, but in institutions and the ministry, this skill becomes a decisive factor in the performance of job tasks. It is not only in communicating with leaders and officials but also in understanding the nature of communication with one another and using this to improve the image of the institution, ministry, or company, and offering the best ways to convey the institution's or ministry's positive message to the public and the media.
Communication skills differ from person to person, and influential people are thought to be the most able to communicate with each other, but with the Communication Course of the London Academy of Media and Public Relations, we will provide you with a summary of scientific and practical experiences in transforming this important skill into a tool that the trainee can control and turn into a weapon for the strength of his personality, his job position, and the trainee's career.

Activities and Training Methods Effective and Influential Communication Course 2024
• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels

The general objective of Effective and Influential Communication course 2024.

The course aims to provide the necessary and basic skills for employees in all departments and for administrators and leaders, to possess the skill of communication with each other and to understand the basic functions of communication, including
• The ability to boost one's self-esteem and use it as a weapon in communication and interaction
• Explaining the communication process, its components, and forms to the trainees
• Introducing the trainee to the fundamentals of communication ethics
• Recognize the values by which you can gain the trust and respect of others.
• Recognize the basic temperaments of people and how to think intuitively and deal with them intelligently.
• Enable the trainee to read body language and know people's tendencies through their actions.
• Identify embedded messages, their types, shapes, and ways of delivering them.
• Identify the basics of exchanging feelings and how to control them.
• Recognize the skills of understanding others and understanding the messages of others.
• Introducing the trainee to the skills of persuasion, its foundations, paths, and methods.
• Introduce the participant to communication media, as well as human-to-human communication, and how to control them.
• Recognize communication skills and when to use each.
• Enable the trainee to analyze human behaviour and know the background of actions.
• Enable the trainee to extrapolate the future through the ability to analyze and predict.
• Arming the trainee with the skill of controlling and suppressing emotions.
• Recognize diplomatic abilities in acting and speaking.
• Identify the basics of protocols for effective communication.
• promoting knowledge in the areas of communication, effective communication and persuasive communication, all of which are influenced by convictions, tendencies and behavior.
• Identify effective influence and persuasion skills and utilize them in leading teamwork.

Topics of Effective and Influential Communication course 2024

1. The concept of human behaviour, its patterns, qualities, and motives
2. Judging human behaviour and anticipating reactions
3. Read characters through analysis of human behaviour.
4. Basic concepts in psychology
5. control the mind and feelings.
6. Recognize the concept of influence, alarm clock, and response.
7. Human needs and how to control them.
8. Communication and its types
9. Mechanisms and forms of communication
10. Effective and influential communication, its foundations, rules, and theories
11. Modern applications for effective communication
12. The three pillars of the communication process
13. Emotional intelligence and its control
14. The art of dealing with others
15. Persuasion, patterns, behaviours, and methods
16. The Four Models of Human Personality
17. Management, leadership, and the difference between them
18. Public relations, its basic foundations, and principles.
19. Negotiation skills
20. Persuasion skills

In addition to a set of skills and effective content in the communication process that the trainee will acquire during the course in Communication 2024 Effective and Influential Communication from the London Academy of Media and Public Relations,


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