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Course Description

Editorial Secretarial Skills Course 2024 
The course provides the skills necessary for the editorial secretariat to develop the performance of this essential function in the Department of Editorial Work based on sequential roles in preparation for the presentation of the published media material.
The editorial secretariat is a pivotal function in the field of media work, whether it is visual, audio, read, or electronic media.
The editorial secretary is one of the main pillars of the editorial course, and the importance of the course comes from the importance of his role in the media process and the need to provide him with the necessary skills to develop his performance and activate the role of the editorial secretariat optimally.

Objectives of the Editorial Secretarial Skills Course 2024

The course aims to:
• Enable the editorial secretary with the basic skills necessary to develop his skills in the editorial secretariat and perform his work more effectively.
• Development of technical and electronic tools in the work of the editorial secretariat
• Provide basic plans for the year 2024 in the field of the editorial secretariat.
• Inform the trainees about the importance of the work of the editorial secretary and how this science of editing originates.
• Provide models for measuring work performance and modifying and developing it.
• Identify the best ways to manage media professionals, journalists, and correspondents.
• Acknowledge editorial management abilities.
• How to deal with managers (chief, editors-in-chief, general supervisors)
• Identify the details of the media functional map and the roles of each part of it.
• skills in supervising technical departments.
• How to review media materials
• Identify the quality of the editorial secretariat.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of Editorial Secretarial Skills Course 2024

The course includes a rich list of elements that can be shortened or developed according to the qualification of the trainee and what the course contains.
1. Modern communication theories and means
2. About the history of the emergence of the post of editorial secretary
3. The basic role of the editorial secretary
4. Office and technical editorial secretary tools
5. Management and implementation of editing plans
6. Modern management, leadership concepts, and management of teams of journalists, reporters, and technicians
7. Management Handling Protocols
8. Connecting and communication skills
9. Time Management Abilities
10. Modern technical programs which are useful for the editorial secretary.
11. Press Writing
12. Review of Information Materials
13. Pre-publication audit
as well as other content determined by the trainee in coordination with the trainer as needed.


  • Airport-to-hotel transfer.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Study materials.
  • Farewell open buffet.
  • London tours, Buses & boats.
  • Hotel-to-airport transfer.

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