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Course Description

The e-journalist skills development course offers journalists working in the field of electronic media an integrated package of skills that every professional journalist should have.
In an era replete with modern technologies, it is no longer the duty of the electronic journalist to carry a pen and notebook and to write everything down; there are technical tools that facilitate journalists in all journalistic work, from instant recording, photography, production, converting images into text, live broadcasts, fast transfer of images, and taking advantage of the rapid flow of information in various forms.

Activities and Training Methods 

• Training lecture
• Field experiments
• Panel Discussions

The general objectives of the E-Journalist Skills Development Course 2024

The e-journalist skills development course aims to raise the skills of those working in this field professionally, which combines practical achievement with academic understanding, as well as provides the necessary electronic tools for the success of the tasks of electronic journalists.
The course also aims to enable electronic journalists to possess the skills of direct influence on the public; to know where the power of electronic media is and ways to use this power to make an effective and real impact on public opinion, and to create an audience with affiliation and loyalty to the electronic newspaper.

Topics of the E-Journalist Skills Development Course 2024

The skills that the intern will learn include a range of skills include:
• methods of writing content for electronic newspapers and websites and their differences from traditional writing.
• The method of using tags in strengthening the media content of newspapers
• ways to influence media content, directly and indirectly.
• Influencing public opinion: how and when? What are the tools of influence and how effective are they?
• The use of electronic press images, the metrics of a successful and influential image in electronic media
• Press Resources for Electronic Journalists
• group of important sites for the development of expertise and skills.
• Essential professional websites for e-journalists
• Developing the capabilities of creation and creativity in electronic journalistic work.
• The most recent electronic technologies must be available to electronic journalists.
• The e-journalist skills development course also includes a workshop and experimental examples in one of London's fields to apply theoretical lessons in practice.


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