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Course Description

Customer Service Development Strategy Course 
Developing a customer service experience is a real challenge facing many organizations and businesses. While great service is a must in the competitive field, customer service experience remains something that can set you apart from your competitors.
This course will equip you with the skills to develop and implement a consistent strategy for customer service development.

Outputs of Customer Service Development Strategy Course 2024

You'll learn the necessary tools and processes that will help you bring your organization closer to its customers, including identifying customer value dimensions and mapping the customer. You will learn how to plan and implement the vision of the customer experience and manage interim and strategic plans for customer service. as well as discuss strategies for acquiring senior management and engaging key stakeholders. The course includes a lot of confidence-building skills to steer your organization towards a more customer-centric future.

The General Objectives of the Course

• Learning how to determine customer value at each stage
• Determine the value of the service at each stage.
• Connecting value to service, implementing service flexibility
• Learning how to plan a customer experience strategy in line with the vision
• Acquire effective techniques to increase customer loyalty to the organization.
• Learning about the latest new tools for unloading value in the customer journey
• Getting a clear approach to improving customer focus in your organization across multiple channels
• Gaining the skills to achieve multidepartmental commitment to customer experience strategy.
• Developing trust to lead your organization's customer experience strategy
• Building a network of peers and experts to support your future customer experience strategy

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Practical applications
• Discussion Panels

Topics of Customer Service Development Strategy course 2024

The course includes the following contents:
• Recognize the significance of the terms customer, customer service, loyalty, and priority.
• Modern trends in customer service
• Determine the strategic direction of customer service according to the vision.
• Recognize customer value
• Evaluate customer loyalty metrics for the organization.
• Customer Journey Design:
• Create a customer-centric organization.
• Making a change
• Monitoring, evaluation, and modification.


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