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Course Description

The Media Crisis Management course covers the skills of media professionals and heads of media departments in dealing with emerging crises in a way that meets the objectives of the institution or ministry.
Internal or external crises arise continuously, without warning, and institutions, ministries, and government agencies deal with crises from the point of view of the public interest, trying to manage the crisis professionally, to minimize any damage arising as a result of the crisis, and to create a barrier to absorb the crisis and any impact it may have.
The media plays an important role, but it needs management that knows how to professionally deal with the crisis and how to find the right tools to succeed in this task.

Objectives of Crisis Media Management Course

In management science, every problem faced by institutions in government or private entities is called a "crisis," especially if this problem exposes their reputation to the public.
Governments and private institutions need a department called "crisis management" to overcome the problem, find optimal solutions, and eliminate any negative impact it may have.
One of the most important weapons available to these institutions is the media, with all its power and influence through various media, social media, and others.
The more successful the media management of the crisis, the more institutions will be able to overcome the crisis and end any negative impact of it, and perhaps even create opportunities that will make the crisis itself a positive factor for the institution.
This course aims to empower trainees with media crisis management skills and to draw and implement media plans commensurate with the institutions and their general objectives.

Detailed objectives of the course:

The media management of the crisis aims to empower trainees with the following skills:
• Identify and predict crises before they arise.
• Analyze crises into primary factors and draw up a blueprint for them to facilitate their handling.
• Develop professional media plans to deal with crises.
• Implement crisis media plans with high professionalism.
• Managing teams in times of crisis
• Methods of dealing with various bodies (governmental, media, public, social media, etc.) during crises.
• concepts of diplomacy and etiquette in dealing and speaking.
• Monitor, analyze, and correct the performance of media plans during crises.
• The concept of "turning the table" and the way it is implemented in mass crises

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel Discussions

Topics of Crisis Media Management Course

The course contains :
• Basic concepts about crises, their types, characteristics, when they appear, how they form,
• Causes leading to the emergence of crises
• Ways to predict crises.
• The shelf life of the crisis and the effects it has on organizations
• Theories of crisis management
• Media Management of Crises, The Role of Media
• Strategic elements governing the media during crises
• Pre-crisis actions
• Media communication during crises. What should and should not be
• media crisis management plans.
• Digital media and its role in managing crises in the media.
• official speaker.
• Monitor crisis management plans.
• media consultant during a crisis.
• morals and lessons learned.



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