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Business Administration Course in Media Leadership

Sat, April 1, 2023 - Sat, February 24, 2024 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)
2626 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Business Administration Course in Media Leadership 
Business and Media Management is a global concept relevant to the advancement of management positions in the field of media, so this course is designed for people with practical experience in journalism and media who have the ambition to accelerate their progress to senior leadership positions.
The course offers a challenging experience that will extend and support managers who want to make a positive difference in the business by highlighting contemporary integrated topics in both management and media. As the development of business knowledge and increased self-awareness will enable successful managers to reflect on the broader commercial, social, and environmental implications of their decision-making and will allow them to understand the management challenges of the media industry, which is vital to the success of many advanced and emerging creative economies.

The general objective of the Business Administration Course in Media Leadership

The course aims to build key leadership skills and develop a personal development path in a variety of practical contexts, encouraging critical thinking about the world of business and media and the role of management in it.

Detailed objectives of the course:

This course is designed to deal with the challenges of the world of media and business:
• Understand management in a historical, economic, political, media, and social context.
• Enhance independent learning skills through essay writing and educational discussion or debate.
• How to become part of the business community
• Understand how organizations work in terms of marketing, finance, and human resource management, as well as how they interact in social, cultural, and political contexts.
• Power, media, and culture
• Crisis challenge
• Develop leadership by assessing your leadership ability and building key leadership skills.
Activities and Training Methods for the Business Administration Course in Media Leadership
• Training lecture
• practical applications
• Panel discussions and activities
• Field visits

Topics of the Business Administration Course in Media Leadership

• Management in a changing society
• Professional development of the leadership personality
• Operations and Quality Management
• Building a dedicated team
• The future of work and responsible leadership
• leadership and digital transformation.
• The role of culture in the creation of meaningful media texts
• How media texts relate to broader cultural norms and values
• How issues, people, and products are portrayed.
• Examination of media texts and what they imply
• Examine the active role of the public in exploring these issues.
• Theories of cultural symbols, ideology, power, and discourse
• The value of cultural theory in the interpretation and production of media texts
• Understand the role of class, race, gender, and identity in shaping the media.
• Create and manage outreach processes.
• Analyze, direct, and develop business processes in a modern media environment that includes journalism, marketing, and public relations.
• Explore the key issues and forces that shape the evolution of the media in a global context, in particular the convergence of activities, interaction with audiences, and entrepreneurship.
• Develop a range of theoretical, practical, and creative skills by learning how organizations work and achieve success, and by building an understanding of communication technologies and global information flows.
• Practical aspects of running a business and critical insights into the power of the media can be gained by looking closely at phenomena such as advertising and social networking.
• How media, communications, and creative practices work in the context of management.
• How companies communicate with their audiences
• and how they interact and help create aspects of culture through branding, strategy, and information management.

Outputs of the Business Administration Course in Media Leadership

1-Understand the management challenges of the media industry
2-Develop business knowledge and increase self-awareness.
3-Sharpen your ability as an effective and inspiring leader.
4-Gain a strong understanding of how businesses work alongside the media and popular culture.

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