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Course in How to conduct opinion polls professionally

Sun, April 2, 2023 - Mon, October 30, 2023 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)
London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle


Course in How to conduct opinion polls professionally 
Correct public opinion polls are an essential means of understanding and knowing the public and its orientations and opinions, providing governmental, private, scientific, and cultural entities with a basic foundation on which decisions and strategies are built, as well as the analysis and understanding of mainstream public opinion.
It may be the result of a scientific, cultural, or educational heritage; it may be a reflection of some media or advertisement, and it may be influenced by the environment and its surroundings.
Many decisions that are not based on understanding and knowing the trends of public opinion become useless and may become harmful or bring opposite benefits to the government or private entities, while decisions based on understanding and knowledge of public opinion become solid and influential decisions they give a positive reputation and reap the benefits of success.

Topics of Course in How to conduct opinion polls professionally

This program introduces participants to the most important issues and topics related to public opinion polls and enables participants to understand public opinion, its impact, its strength, how to shape it, and thus how to plan strategies for successful public opinion polling campaigns.

The course includes:

• Introducing public opinion, its concepts, patterns, and how it is formed.
• Knowing the methods of measuring public opinion and organizing forms for public opinion polls
• How to collect, analyze, and measure data.
• How to write reports explaining public opinion.
• Implement illustrations to shorten the presentation of public opinion data.
• Publish and present public opinion polls perfectly.

The general objective of Course in How to conduct opinion polls professionally

The course aims to enable participants to understand public opinion, know how to measure it correctly, and implement opinion poll forms.
The course is mainly concerned with officials of citizen service, planning, and studies agencies and departments, and helps officials in associations and organizations concerned with social and academic activity carry out public opinion polls in a correct manner.
The course also benefits the employees of study and research centers in the public and private sectors and contributes to raising the efficiency of those responsible for media and public relations working in government media institutions or media departments in the rest of the institutions.

Activities and Training Methods

• Training lecture
• Field experiments
• Panel Discussions

Outputs of Course in How to conduct opinion polls professionally

• Providing participants with sufficient knowledge of public opinion, its history, form, types, theories, and basic components.
• Introduce the participants to the course in ways to measure public opinion correctly.
• Prepare the correct forms and tables for public opinion polls.
• Identify the most efficient questions, and measure errors and persistence before implementing campaigns.
• Methods of carrying out public opinion polling campaigns professionally
• Methods of measuring opinion polls and converting digital data into written data
• Implement images and illustration tables to interpret numbers and data.
• Publication of public opinion polls

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