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Course in editing and preparing TV

Sun, April 2, 2023 - Mon, October 30, 2023 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)
London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle


Course in editing and preparing TV 

The importance of television programs and news bulletins comes from the fact that they constitute the largest and perhaps most important part of the programs broadcast by television and satellite channels, which need to fill the temporal vacuum in broadcasting.

Editing, Preparation of Television and News Programs course at London Academy provides a basic and sufficient understanding of television programs and news bulletins, the history of their appearance, their types, forms, traditional and modern presentation methods, the parts that make them up, and the course of the preparation process from A to Z.
The course also includes practical models of television programs, monitoring the performance of the crew, and evaluating the performance.
The general objectives of the course
The course aims to enable participants to learn about the following:
• Understand the basic elements that make up the TV program.
• Learn about traditional and modern methods of preparation for television programs.
• Basic information that the TV presenter and presenter must have
• Identify the skills needed to work within the TV teams.
• Identify the process of implementing TV programs.

Topics of Course in editing and preparing TV

• Identify the characteristics and conditions of writing for television.
• The difference between writing for the ear and writing for the eye.
• The structure and focus of the TV news story
• drafting television scripts, headlines, introductions, and news.
• Determine the significance of sound in television production, as well as its features, characteristics, and methods of reception by viewers.
• Controlling and adjusting the sound and adjusting the accompanying music.
• Communication between the broadcaster, the sound engineer, guests, and participants.
• control of television delivery, preparation, and implementation.
• Installation and implementation of the program, in course in editing and preparing TV
• Entering the studio, implementing programs from within, and dealing with tools in the studio
• behaviors to be followed during the program.

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